Heuvel is building a factory in Chuvashia solar generators and solar power plant in the Stavropol region

Until the end of the year will take place starting the plant solar generator that builds Company "Hevel" for 20 billion rubles. This was announced by CEO Eugene Zagorodnii at yesterday's meeting with the ambassador of the company's management in the Volga Federal District Grigory Rapota and president of Chuvashia, Michael Ignatieff. Officials praised the project, highlighting the importance of the implementation of innovative production in the region, which has no resources.

Minister of Regional Development Viktor Basargin visited the company "Hevel"

Experts note the steady growth of the global market consumption and promise good prospects for the plant — provided that the product will meet the world standards. During his visit to Chuvashia, presidential envoy to the Volga Federal District Grigory Rapota accompanied by the head of the republic of Michael Ignatieff visited the construction site of the plant for the production of solar cells. The project is realized, LLC "Hevel" JV "Renova" and RUSNANO. As the general director Yevgeny Heuvel Zagorodnii today in the construction of plants with a total area of 23 thousand square meters. meters employs about 250 people, of which two-thirds of engineering staff. Built walls, a roof, connected to communications, paved road. Equipment manufactured by the Swiss Oerlikon Solar purchased and ready for shipment, is in the process of customs clearance. The plant will take place at the end of 2011, and in the 1st quarter of 2012, the plant plans to reach full capacity. In total, the plant is expected to invest 20.1 billion rubles. As explained, "b" Mr. Zagorodnii, payback period — seven years after the start of production. "It is important that in the Chuvash Republic is developing a high-tech production of this kind, because the republic has no mineral reserves on which to live comfortably and spit at the ceiling," — said the envoy to the Volga Federal District Grigory Rapota. He asked to be invited to the launch of the plant: "It will be an incentive to run it in those terms that have marked."

Solar plant in Chuvashia will use Swiss technology "thin films» Oerlikon Solar and will be the largest producer in Russia with a capacity million batteries per year. Projected revenue in 2015 — 10.3 billion rubles, the planned EBITDA in 2015 — 5,000,000,000 rubles. As part of a global project "Solar Valley" is implemented, the total investment of 75 billion rubles.

In Russia, there are similar production: "Quantum" (Moscow): revenue for 2009 amounted to 91 million rubles, net loss — 235 million rubles, OAO "Ryazan Metal Ceramics Instrumentation Plant": sales for 2009 — 322 million rubles, net loss — 38 million rubles, "Telecom — STV" (Zelenograd) and the "solar wind" (Krasnodar) — statements not disclosed.

According to U.S. research firm Lux Research, the total market size of solar panels in 2012 could reach $ 8.6 bln

Mr. Zagorodnii not hide the fact that the company hopes to be exempted from import duties and VAT as well as going to use unique equipment. Ltd. is in talks with the Ministry of Industry of the Russian Federation. "There is a constructive dialogue, we specify hardware parameters and characteristics. We expect to enter the list of equipment that is not produced in Russia, and the introduction of the zero rate of customs duty, "- said Eugene countrys. Speaking about the difficulties of the project, Mr. Zagorodnii said that this is the first production of this scale in Russia, although there are abroad. "We had to go the way of luring trained specialists from abroad. Let us then training local staff, "- he said. To which Michael Ignatieff said that the future workers of the plant — highly qualified engineers are already preparing on the basis of the Chuvash State University. "For our university is also orders, and graduates will be provided with jobs," — said Mr. Ignatieff.

After hearing the story about the prospects of sales planned in the countries "with a large supply of solar energy," such as Greece, Spain, and the Middle East and North Africa, Grigory Rapota advised to deliver products within the country. Eugene Zagorodnii confirmed interest in the products from the Russian enterprises and announced that an agreement has been signed with the Stavropol Territory, without specifying details. In addition, Mr. Zagorodnii told that the client will Heuvel Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church. This is the "sponsorship for commissioning a home for pilgrims on the site of Christ's baptism in the Jordan River."

According to Dmitry Baranov, a leading expert of the Criminal Code "Finam Management", "subject to the conformity of products (generators solar energy production Heuvel -" b ") specifications and competitive prices, it may well be in demand in the market, both in the domestic as well as for abroad. " The average payback period of the project, according to Mr. Baranov, may reach 6-9 years, depending on demand.

Stanislav Chernitsa, general director of "AEnerdzhi" said the "Y" that "modules, which will be produced in Chuvashia — is running version, for which there is a good demand in the western markets." The advantages of these devices, Mr. Chernitsa considers relatively low cost and the ability to work in cloudy weather. "Russian products are produced in the western equipment and quite competitive," — said Stanislav Chernitsa. He expects this year's growth of the global market consumption of solar power generators by 20%, which also can spur "instability in the Middle East and the spurt in oil prices." According to the expert, in Russia the use of solar energy is also promising. "First of all, it will happen because of the increase in electricity tariffs (retail electricity rates in most regions since 2011, exceeded the level of 4 rubles. Per 1 kWh.), And prices will continue to rise — at least 15% per year over the next four years, "- said the expert.

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