HISTORY OF AVIATION. NEW DETAILS Israeli air raid on the Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007 YEAR

HISTORY OF AVIATION. NEW DETAILS Israeli air raid on the Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007 YEAR
In the South American weekly New Yorker published an article by David Makowski (David Makovsky), revealing previously unknown facts of military operations IDF codenamed «Operation Orchard» («Operation Orchard»). Tipo facts were obtained Makowski during discussions with a dozen senior Israeli representatives.
According to Makowski, Israel suspected that in 2006 Syria has stepped up its nuclear program from exploration and established residence facility in the north-east of the country in the area of ​​Deir al-Zour.
To do this, Israel should have been clear evidence. According to Makowski, March 7, 2007 in Vienna agents «Mossad» broke into the house of the head of the Syrian Atomic Energy Agency Othman Ibrahim (Ibrahim Othman). Presumably, agents broke into the computer and copied Othman three 10-ka photo from your hard drive. Among them were colored pictures taken inside the object.
The images are believed to have been seen North Korean workers, who confirmed the suspicions of Israel that Pyongyang is building in Syria plutonium reactor.
The next day the director of «Mossad» Meir Dagan (Meir Dagan) met with then-Prime Minister Ehud Olmert (Ehud Olmert). During the meeting Dagan presented documents Olmartu and said the Prime Minister that they must act quickly, so there was no risk of radioactive contamination of the Euphrates River from the activities of the Syrian nuclear facility.
Olmert left the meeting and held a secret meeting with senior officials, which was taken with the non-disclosure of Enigma subscription.
April 18, Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz (Amir Peretz) met with U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates (Robert Gates): Americans conducted its own investigation, but still had no evidence for a pre-emptive strike on Syria.
But still CIA Director Michael Hayden (Micheal Haydon) confirmed that «Al-Kibar was part applets creation of nuclear weapons» and said that «we have no other alternatives in the destination object is not represented,» but there was no definite evidence that the object was part of the armory applets.
President Bush, apparently, Olmert said that Israeli intelligence database there is insufficient evidence for the South American pre-emptive strike.
Makowski says that Israel, on the basis of acquired disk imaging, can not allow itself to its leakage while the Syrians are not located next to the object position SAM because Olmert asked Bush to keep the matter secret. Olmert did not ask Bush «green signal», but did not receive a «red signal» because it is perceived as for the «green light» to the beginning of action.
September 1, 2007 began training. Pure white house was informed, as the British MI6. September 5 the Israeli cabinet voted to whether they should take a decision on the reactor: all voted «for» and several abstention was told that the attack will be applied in the night.
After midnight, four F-16s and four F-15 aircraft (other sources say that there were more) took off from Ramat David Airbase.
Planes were flying along the Mediterranean coast, before the reach the Syrian-Turkish border and in the interval between 12.40 and 12.53 the code word ‘Arizona’ secure channel was transmitted that the reactor is destroyed.
Article Makowski has some understatement, but that’s forgivable because of the secrecy of this subject in Israel.
Some sources they say that in the attack for the first time on one of the 2-planes electrical intelligence network system used onboard Suter to counter Syrian radar systems.
More than possible that in a certain way, this scenario will be used against Iran if a similar attack will take place, along with more advanced technology.

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