History sonorous resignations

Last in 2004 after the parliamentary elections and the referendum was sent into retirement. Prince LATYPOV worked in Belarus is almost 10 years in various positions. Last — Managing the presidential administration. This position after it gave Viktor Sheiman. Ural Latypov now works in a foreign company "Lukoil — Belarus". To comment on the recent resignations loud he refused. And not going back to the administration?
"Certainly not. Anyway, to me no one spoke. I do not think it’s real. And if it is necessary? Needed young people."
Sheiman experienced in service and the former head office of the president, the president’s "head of household" Ivan Titenkov. He lost his own office in 1999. Lukashenko accused him of "full service inconsistencies." Following the resignation of Titenkov worked on one of the senior positions in the oil and gas company "Itera". At the moment he is in Russia. And his former Prosecutor General Oleg Bazhelka Lukashenko mentioned in connection with the investigation of criminal cases involving damage caused by the country of 42 million bucks. But no noticeable negative effects Ivan Titenkov then not suffered.
Regarding the fate of the upcoming Viktor Sheiman chief editor of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" Kalinkina expressed the view that Lukashenko will not let him far:
"This is particularly the one person running that had all the power structures and the prosecutor general. This investigation loud affairs. This so-called bags with compromising on almost everyone, as already Nikolai Cherginets hastened to say. ‘Cause I think Shejman — not such a common figure. This is not just the person who earned the money for the president. This — a person who has a greater asset — information. "
In the midst of loud resignations in recent years — dismissal Stepan Sukharenko from the post of chief of the KGB. Together with him and fired his first deputy, Major-General Basil Dzemyantsey with the phrase "in connection with his transfer to another job." Alexander Lukashenko accused them of professionalism and lowered in certain failures. Allegedly, the KGB is not a place for those who "roof" of commercial structures. Together with the resignation has information about the attack in Mogilev employees of special services to the Chairman of the State Control Committee Zenon Lomat. Sukharenko became known, incidentally, their scenario after the election, according to which the opposition is going to undermine the mass of explosive and poison the water dead rats. After retirement in a few days Sukharenko residence was not clear even version appeared on his detention. Where he currently works in the press center of the KGB were not told.
Stepan Sukharenko own career almost everything had to Security Council President Viktor Sheiman. On Suharenkava place came Yuri Zhadobin. In this connection, talking about strengthening the position of Viktor Lukashenko.
Resignation Shejman at Svetlana Kalinkinkay, indicates a very tough fight clans surrounded Alexander Lukashenko.
"Direct logic these resignations have not, because at first had to be held accountable — if it is specifically because of the explosion — Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov and Managing Security Service Lukashenko Andrei Vtyurin. Litsezreem But we that are completely different persons have left their posts."
Following the resignation of Viktor Sheiman stayed at two of their own positions 4 defendants in the famous report Euro parliamentarian Pourgourides political disappearances of government opponents. Previously resigned Yuri Sivakov: First, as Minister of the Interior, then — deputy head of the presidential administration, and, in the end — Sports Minister. He is now vice-rector of the Minsk Institute of Management. Yuri Sivakov associates his resignation and the resignation Shejman:
"With him, maybe even talk. And to me because no prerequisites, explained to nothing. Vyznat I from other sources, that instead I appointed people, and no discussion was not with me. Hitherto not know what was the reason for my retirement, including the last. "
Prince Sivakou said that does not see the logic in his resignation and Shejman Nyavyhlas in connection with the events of July 4. He believes that there are a number of other reasons.
"Nothing extraordinary, that would not be consistent with the model of governance, which has now developed in our country, I do not see. All power in the same hands. Here own team, and the fact that this team has some castling happen — nothing terrible" .
Not many in this team carries. Thus, the former head office of the president Galina Zhuravkova sentenced to four years’ imprisonment for embezzlement of large sizes. But this time, she has stayed not Alexander Lukashenko has pardoned her.

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