Holding company Russian Railways is ready to start the summer traffic on the new schedule, motion 2013/2014 period.

May 22, at the meeting of the Board of JSC "Russian Railways", chaired by the president of the company Vladimir Yakunin, head of the Department of passenger traffic of "Russian Railways" Gennady Verkhovykh reported on the development of a schedule of passenger trains on the 2013/2014 years, and the willingness of the holding "Russian Railways" to the beginning of summer passenger traffic on the new schedule.

At 00 hours 00 minutes (Moscow time) on May 26 of "Russian Railways" introduced a new timetable and plan for the formation of passenger trains in the 2013/2014 years.

  The transition to the implementation of the traffic on the new schedule, in addition to its immediate development also includes the preparation of vehicles, personnel, facilities and infrastructure, passenger sales system.

Thus, according to Gennady Verkhovykh in the implementation of summer passenger schedule 2013/2014 years will employ more than 31 million cars, including long-distance — 19.9 thousand cars (of which more than 8.4 million cars and reserved seats about 9 thousand compartment cars) and 11.5 thousand cars — suburban.

"By the beginning of summer traffic on the rail network has already delivered 113 cars haul locomotive (including 72 reserved seats of the car), 177 cars — multiple units, accounting for 68% of annual deliveries) and 33 train" Swallow "(until end of 2013 the year will have been set up 45 such trains.) All new cars are equipped with air conditioning and portable toilets.

Recall now the park of "FIC" about 22.8 million cars, including more than 12 thousand are equipped with air conditioning (53% of the fleet), more than 7 thousand — green bath complexes (31% of the park). In the current year it is planned purchase of 305 cars: 72 — reserved seats, 82 — with dimensions of RIC, 2 car "Lux" and 50 double-deck coaches.

With the introduction of the Olympic schedule of "FIC" is scheduled to begin regular cruising speed trains Moscow — Adler, formed from the double-decker coaches.

The park suburban rolling stock is about 15.5 million cars, including a green bath complexes — about 1.2 million cars (about 8%), with air conditioning — 782 wagon (5%).


Designed schedule provides for the implementation of the second phase of the approved program to improve routing speed of passenger trains through the use of new locomotives VC-20.

Furthermore, a new accelerated motion graph 234 passenger trains, including train 100 has accelerated over 1 hour to 205 hours total time. In the direction of the resorts in the North Caucasus accelerated 34 to 33 trains an hour. Composite also increased 46 trains of 73 cars. Gennady Verkhovykh notes that the total number of trains categories of "fast" and "fast-track" the formation of Russian Railways in all kinds of messages increased from 321 to 348. Their share has exceeded 50% of the total number of trains.

According to Gennady riding and the training of personnel to work in the summer, special attention is paid to the quality of service for passengers from buying a train ticket to exit the station. So, for the summer traffic worked to attract students of universities and colleges train. In JSC "FPK" and the Directorate of railway stations — branch of JSC "Russian Railways" students will work guides, cashiers on duty on the issuance of certificates, the room attendants, assistant chief of the duty station. The total number of student teams will be around 5 thousand people.

"Implementation of the summer timetable will provide more than 140 thousand employees of passenger transport," — said Gennady Verkhovykh.

Currently, the implementation of travel documents for long-distance trains carried 2.8 million in box office windows, which produces 5.8 million passenger service ticket cashiers. Organization of the additional windows box office during the increase in passenger traffic in 2013 will be made through the use of flexible work arrangements that allow the windows to open additional 350 in the peak year of mass transportation.

For registration drive in suburban opened more than 3.5 million ticket office windows. In addition, landfills 18 commuter rail companies commissioned 1.9 million biletopechatayuschih machines.

In June of this year, also plans to begin a pilot ticket th 6000 commuter train service at the site of the Central Suburban Passenger Company via the Internet.

Recall with the new software installed May 14, 2013, made a modification of "passengers" the official website of "Russian Railways". A new convenient form for the purchase of electronic tickets, view schedules, private office and all the necessary information for the trip.

"Our priority in the summer is the transportation of organized groups of children — said Gennady Verkhovykh. — According to preliminary estimates, is expected to transport more than 500 thousand young passengers. This will be assigned more than 200 flights" childhood "trains with 34 specially prepared formulations formed of the cars built in recent years, equipped with air conditioning units and portable toilets. services to our most important passengers during the summer will attract about 5 thousand conductors, past professional selection. "

Measures have been developed to provide a safe location at the stations of the Directorate of railway stations organized groups of children and their safe transport to places of rest and back in the summer of mass transportation. With an increase in passenger traffic at the stations is planned to allocate an additional 13.2 thousand more seats in the waiting rooms for children's groups.

The main routes of "childhood" trains are organized in reports from Moscow, St. Petersburg and the regions of the Far North, Siberia, the Urals, the Volga region to Anapa, Adler, Simferopol, Evpatoria.

Head of the Department of passenger traffic of "Russian Railways" pointed out that the basic requirements for the organization of transport safety organized groups determined by a special decree of the Vice-President of JSC "Russian Railways" Michael Akulova. Their performance has allowed to provide transportation for children in summer 2012 without a single complaint.

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