Holding RKTM launched its own production of large car casting

Factory "VCR-Steel" (Saransk, is a holding company RTKM) received permission to use the stamps in the manufacture of the frame side — a key part of freight car bogie. Permit issued by the Commission of the Council rail car facilities management center direktsiiinfrastruktury of "Russian Railways" March 5, 2013

The expansion of stigma gives the company the right to market a complete car set — frame and side bolster beam. Resolution on the marking beam bolster plant was back in June 2012.

"Launch of a major car casting gives us significant competitive advantages, — said General Director of the holding RKTM Pavel Ovchinnikov. — The launch of a new high-tech production sets a new benchmark in quality standards and reliability of car casting."

VKM-Steel is the only manufacturer in Russia, producing castings using a unique technology of vacuum forming.

The estimated capacity is 12,000 car sets per year. Investment holding company in RKTM exceeded 5 billion rubles. 

The experts of JSC "Russian Railways" and FAZHT conducting the certification, noted the high quality of the cast, a unique technological solutions used in the enterprise, as well as a robust frame structure, which is a proprietary engineering center RTKM. High reliability has been confirmed by experimental design tests.

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