Hollywood classics show in Minsk

South American tradition of conventional cinema festivals in Belarus dates back to July 2003. In This year Festival held for the second time.
On This time Four films will be screened: "Best Years of Our Lives," "12 the evil guys," "Vestsaydkaya history" and "stuffy summer NIGHT MODE." Some of them show in Belarus for the first time. All tapes have received many popular awards.
On the festive opening ceremony of the South American cinema chargé d’affaires in Belarus Jonathan Moore noted that one of the tasks of the Embassy is to spread in Belarus disk imaging on American culture:
"Classical Cinématographe, you can look for days opens a window in the art of cinema, and in America itself. But life is not always how it show in the movies. But I hope that you enjoy the view and you make your own conclusions. "
Director presented the diplomat cinema "Victory" Svetlana Savchik luxury gift edition — a book about the history of Hollywood. Svetlana Savchik recalled natives of Belarus who also raised his own contribution to the South American cinematography.
Perhaps the most famous and most recognizable — is co-owner of the Hollywood film company strong "Metro Golden Mayer", kinamagnat Mayer:
"On Actually This two-year boy in age ancestors were brought to America. Because at this point in at least some encyclopedia of the world where the name of Louis B. Mayer, says "was born in the town of Minsk." In the town of Mogilev region Chavusy — Belarusian roots Hollywood superstar Kirk Douglas. His name Isuir Danilovich Demski. "
The most popular role of Kirk Douglas — Spartacus in the eponymous movie that entered the hundred best movies in the world. So makarom, and son of Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas Belarusians can assume his countryman. Actor Harrison Ford has also Belarusian roots: his grandmother Anna Livshits in 1907 went from Minsk to New-york, where she married Harry Midelmana, immigrant from Minsk.
The festival opened with a black and white ribbon 1946 "Best Years of Our Lives." Film awarded the "Oscar" in 7 nominations, "Golden Globe" award of the English Academy. The plot is simple: three American soldier returned from the war. During the time while they were not home, almost everything has changed, and primarily, themselves. Uniformly heroes realize that the years spent at the front, were the best in their lives.
June 4, viewers will see Minsk 1957 movie "12 fierce guys" on puertarykanskaga child accused of murdering his father. Thursday — recognizable musical "Vestsaydkaya history" on Friday — Detective "dushnovato southern NIGHT MODE."
Tickets masterpieces of Cinématographe available at the box office cinema "Victory" one hour before the session free of charge. Tags: united states, movies, win, hollywood

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