HONG Yong-Jo: SOCCER FOR GIRLS not trade

In addition to various kinds of tournament records, in August, "growth" has surprised all and football exotic, presenting the gaming public of the North Korean midfielder Hon. His debut in the crucial match with the "Ural" was "a great success". Novice replaced Oleg Dolmatov in the second half, the podium was carried out by applause. Fast, technically, delivered a blow with snap, Hong Yong-Jo sees the field well, feels partner knows when and where to issue a perfect pass. In short, Rostov guessed at best, revealing a bright Russian football player. Do you think too much with the compliments? Not at all. Those who have seen the recent match with Shakhtar "Kuban", aired on TV, I am sure, agree with me. And the fact that in almost every round of the top three players of the match featured a Korean name — another proof. He himself, however, by not paying attention to it, thinking that he has to learn and learn football. [Cut] — This is why my party and sent to Russia — it stunned me a statement, which was originally started our conversation in the lobby of the training base of "growth." In this case, Hong looked at who was sitting next to unreadable countryman, who nodded in agreement. [B] — Why is the party? — I asked. [/ B] — The DPRK football — the number one sport, and for him personally supervised the development of Comrade Kim Jong Il. That's why now playing abroad many of my countrymen. And many of those who are still playing at home, too, are showing interest. [B] — How did you get in Rostov? [/ B] — Recently, I was in Serbia for the newly-Belgrade "Bezhanov." And one agent Stephen Pak told me that there is an opportunity to play in one of the Russian clubs. Then I learned that the "growth" I recommend the well-known former goalkeeper Alexei Prudnikov. [B] — How long pondered over the offer? [/ B] — I agreed immediately. Especially as father, mother and brother, who live in Pyongyang, did not mind. Apparently, too, knew that such a chance falls every day. [B] — What are you used to know about Russian football? [/ B] — The fact that it is on the rise. And this is confirmed by objective facts. First, CSKA won the UEFA Cup. Then he did the same, "Zenith", also won the Super Bowl. And how your team played at Euro! — [B] How many Russian players you like the most? [/ B] — Of course, Arshavin. What are his stroke, pass! Without a doubt, he is a player of high level, able to play for any foreign club. [B] — You know that, unlike the Korean Workers' Party, "Zenith" it abroad has decided not to release? [/ B] — So, we have more respect for those who are using football represents the country abroad. [B] — But there is also a lot of money was involved. [/ B] — What kind of money at issue when people can play at a reputable club and glorify Russia! I am now not interested in money at all. The main thing that I present here a great football North Korea. [B] — How do you and Don Rybtsov famous crawfish? [/ B] — They say they need to drink a beer. And I have a very strict regime. It is necessary to train and give all the forces preparing for the next match. Otherwise, you will achieve nothing. [B] — But as long as you are all going well. You are the captain of the national team, slaughter, your name is on the lips. Yes, and "growth" one foot in the Premier League. How to react if goes even better offer to play for another club? [/ B] — Today, I am a player of "growth" than very proud of. And anything else I think not. Here is a very good crowd, a beautiful city, amazing river. [B] — And how do you the local girls? [/ B] — I have not been to them all my thoughts — about football and party.

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