Housing difficulties Mogilev solve Yuhua

This anticipates a day or signed on a letter of intent on cooperation with the Chinese construction company "Yuhua". According to the protocol, the Chinese are taken once a year to hand over 100 thousand square meters of housing. Or cheaper housing in Mogilev with the arrival of Chinese in the local real estate market? Do take into account all Mogilev authorities first such cooperation?
Construction company "Yuhua" according to officials — one of the largest in the Chinese province of Henan. She is ready to dispatch in Mogilev 500 own builders and ensures that once a year will pass 100 thousand square meters of housing.
"Workers will be their only. Will work round the clock. Our builders will show how to work "- urged Mogilev vice-chairman Executive Committee Vladimir Titok.
According to the official disk imaging, building site for "Chinatown" in Mogilev already picked Tipo, Chinese and she liked. Previously, this area belonged to the military, there were warehouses with their appliances.

Our builders will show how to work

In the department of economic Executive Committee, but note that while only signed a letter of intent or less. Its parts department staff restrained comment:
"We are waiting for their decision. During the month, they’re already calculated and discussed. Know, that they will come, I still can not say. Protocol of Intent on Cooperation signed. There is a line that build there for Chinese forces Chinese funds. They carry with them all: units, parts, mechanisms. Question not only about the people, it is about all the technology "- said an employee of the department.

In the photo:proposed site, where he soon built "Chinatown." Previously there storages military equipment.

Infy that will Mogilev cooperation with Chinese builders, not counting the new housing areas — no. It is also unclear cheaper housing in the town with the arrival here of Chinese builders. At the moment, one square meter of housing in Mogilev costs an average of 1100 dollars.
China, according to the Belarusian economist Yaroslav Romanchuk, has long been exporting labor in various countries, Belarus is no exception. According to the economist, similar cooperation can have a positive impact, for example, the prices of housing or on the training of Belarusian professionals to work in the criteria for the global market. Economist, but beware:
"Bureaucrats may find it necessary to offset their kickbacks in any amount of contracts, and it is incremented prices. Bureaucrats not fussing about, that square meter of housing cost 600 bucks, and that, that on such a treaty to make a dozen or two thousand dollars."

They come to do what they can to make our people.

Managing Mogilev NGO "Ladies and self-support center" Valentine Gvazdeva varies economic necessity of cooperation with the Chinese, as it is not sure that the bureaucrats have calculated its social consequences. Are we immediately take such an influx of foreigners, she asks:
"Investments.’s The secret, I think, and in the pursuit of growth in percent of investments, we do not calculate the other. It scares me. Earlier Society must ready. It’s very slippery problem. They come to do what they can to make our people. I hope that will not come before the collision. But will we have the brain and gentle approach — in our law enforcement? "
According to the official disk imaging, the waiting list for housing in the Mogilev region worth more than fifty thousand people. Calculated: annual turn increases by about 5 thousand people. Mogilev builders promise to bring the 2009 construction volume to 540 thousand square meters. Economists, but estimated that to meet the demand, you need to build once a year to 800 thousand.

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