How are the activities of the group in Gomel

Their support groups completed with potential candidates differently.
Likely candidate for deputy in Chojniki constituency number 47 Lawyer Leonid Sudalenka into account the experience of its own in the last parliamentary elections. Because the group was recruited from the reliable supporters and relatives:
"With the experience of the election campaign 2004 I know that some members of my group held pressure and they came from a support group. Because in This year I turned to the Group’s own sturdy friends and those who supported me in public work. Activities of the group headed by my godfather — Nicholas Isachenko. There are dedicated people Khoyniki, Bragin, Rechitza.
By the way, have agreed to participate in my group Alexander Milinkevich and Anatoly Lebedko. "
At the regional manager of the organizing committee created by the Party of Freedom and Progress Pyotr Kuznetsov, who nominated a candidate in the Gomel-Tsentalnay constituency number 33, active group of more than fifty people. Complementing it was hard:
"Our party is young, because not all people have the experience of such work — collecting signatures and conversations with voters. But 20 people have such experience. I think they are able to organize and lead the work of the group. Undoubtedly say we will collect sufficient signatures to nominate me as a candidate for deputy. "
According to Kuznetsov, the group seems to be formed on three fronts — specifically gatherers signatures distributors of promotional materials and creative team that knows how to write lyrics, branding prepare speeches, evaluate audience.
In the active group to collect signatures in support of a candidate in the Gomel-Soviet constituency number 34 head of the regional branch of the UCP Vasily Polyakov — 39 people.
The group was formed with the expectation of active information work in the environment, because to collect a thousand signatures, according to the activist, is not such a difficult task:
"We will conduct first information work in the midst of the voters for the criterion of the United Democratic Forces role in this campaign. On present day conditions which we stood, made in the Gomel region only by two-thirds. "
Sovereign Polyakov suggests is now available in the local press to district election commissions. With 17 nominees SLM in these commissions included the twelfth

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