How often and why there are spontaneous protests?

In the spring of 1991, Last year Russian Union, to the streets out 10s of thousands of factory workers. People protested against so called "Pavlovsk reform" — a significant increase in food prices. At the time, the head of geological Siuchyk group for the first time addressed the spontaneous rally of workers in Vitebsk. Today political activist Siuchyk so defines the conditions of spontaneous action:
"The conditions for it are formed spontaneously. Just people realize that they were treated unfairly, and then they go."
Later spontaneous actions gave way to an organized political movement. In 1996, opposition marches collected 10s thousand people. But later a political movement began to lose mass and the number of unplanned "explosions of discontent" began to grow. Observers also note that spontaneous protests quite often bear fruit. What is the cause of their effectiveness?
In Last year Minsk dwellers Karl Marx Street learned about the plans to revise its street into a pedestrian zone with the resettlement of people in malaprestyzhny area. Writer Vladimir Orlov, also inhabitant Karl Marx Street, did not believe in the ultimate success of the first protests.
"I made sure that when they come to select a house, while Belarusians are ready for the most decisive act. Was one occupant, who was even willing to self-immolation. Already bought a can of gasoline and all of her show. I think he could really go for this step . "
Vladimir Orlov told that some bureaucrats vsekrete helped residents of the street — that will give a copy of the appropriate document, the principal will phone. Even municipal newspaper "Russian Belarus" stood up for them, even though the official media previously avoided conflict attention. "The authorities are afraid of solidarity for the different people that are intended our victory," — said Vladimir Orlov.
First-independent history of Belarus on spontaneous protests often podymali factory workers. What is the situation at the moment? One of the favorites-independent trade union movement Alexander Bukhvostau could remember only one successful campaign workers for soon — when the first of the 2000s Minsk Tractor Plant workers to get wages, blocked the tram rails:
"Mass actions in Minsk was no more. Workers currently indiferetnuyu.’s Just talking yesterday with the employee MAZ. States who can work in two shifts and earns while others hooked on administration because many drinks truant."
According to Alexander Bukhvostova if in the past year several 10-s Minsk factory workers "Motovelo" tried to organize a protest, the administration has suspended its rapidly. Alexander Bukhvostau noted that none of the industrial activists not responded to the offer of contact with structures-independent unions.
Sergei Antonchick once came to politics with spontaneous meeting. The fact that the replacement of mass actions came natural, uncrowded protests last MP explains impartial reasons:
"There is no longer that of a collectivist society, which were artificially formed by the Bolsheviks. People stick to their neuvvyazkami. They go on protests, only if touches them personally. "

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