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In the Minsk district court ended the trial of "human shields." Again, since journalists dubbed the incident on March 2 Slutsky highway on arrival in Minsk, when the police blocked the road a private car to stop the drunk driver. These acts arbitrator Ira Maiko recognized criminal:
"Gennady Dorogokuptsa Likhtarovich and Alexei recognize each guilty of premeditated actions which obviously exceeded their service capabilities and harmed in a large amount of the rights and interests of the people, municipal interests."
Traffic police officials sentenced to 2 years imprisonment conditionally suspended for Three years. The need for compensation for the damage recognized partly. Real harm in size from 1 to 6 million victims will make Minsk traffic police, and with non-pecuniary damage have yet to understand the civilian tribunal. Lawyer Vera Stramkouskaya victims stated that they were pleased with the verdict and will not appeal it, although some victims asked the court to the real, and not a conditional sentence:
"We were pretty, the government agreed with our findings, acknowledged that" live shields "- is a sin., We hope that this practice will end, we have set point with respect to such action by the employees of traffic police."
Gennady Dorogokupets refused to comment on the verdict. Then I turned to Alex Likhtarovich:
"Alex, you will appeal the verdict? Maybe, have not decided yet?"
Likhtarovich: "No comment."
Once the tribunal has close to long standing journalists who interviewed the participants. Not immediately dispersed and witnesses — the traffic police. Unfortunately, none of them did not wish to comment on the verdict to their employees.
Reporter: "Do you agree with the verdict or not? I can not call your names, but I basically hear your submission . "
Policeman: "Without declined to comment. Mind your own business."
The prosecutor Nicholas Dubyanka journalists asked how satisfied he is sentenced.
"The sentence, wine accused tribunal of first instance found. Penalty imposed in view of the Code. Note that the sentence has not yet entered into force because the accused can appeal it."
Journalists reminded the prosecutor of the behavior of traffic police officers in court, witnesses generally recognized: that was one of the witnesses at the meeting before the testimony of their own, meanwhile as it is prohibited by law, as well — that the witnesses changed their testimony or refuses to respond. Attorney Nicholas Dubenok leave this behavior without comment.
Vera Stramkouskaya lawyer said it would ensure that against witnesses who gave false testimony or refuses to answer the judge’s questions, brought criminal case.
Yuri victim Pashkevych thanked reporters for their help in bringing the case to court:
"We thought that our case before the court will not come, will collapse. But the media have supported us, for that tremendous thank you. Thank you for you not indifferent what happened with us."
Minister Interior Vladimir Naumov now hoped that the Roman Mentyukov police "certainly will find" and he will be arraigned. Regarding the process of "human shield" Vladimir Naumov said: "The main thing — to make the right conclusions from this."

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