How to travel abroad Liabedzka got to Warsaw?

On the initiative of "Eastern Partnership", which specifically applies to Belarus, said first together ministers of foreign affairs of Poland — Radoslaw Sikorski and Sweden — Carl Bildt. This document is still in draft form and it made some remarks, addenda and advice. Only whereupon parafiruyuts its foreign ministers in Brussels Affairs each of the 27 EU states. And Poland and Sweden act as uttered at a press conference, the "locomotives of this initiative."
UDF leaders received the draft in Warsaw a day or three back. And now they have submitted their first proposal. Vintsuk Vyachorka — first deputy chairman of the BPF party knows:
"Among the first we will offer continuity with the past decisions on Belarus. This first 12 proposals of the European Commission. Their be reference, so there was no memories now took one, 18 months — second. Certainly, more accented should be a question of contacts not only with States, and with the societies with the peoples.
Unfortunately, in this text There is no cultural programm. It is clear that, despite its importance, we will offer to emphasize cultural cooperation. And if you read about the economy, the cooperation in the field of energy. "
Viktor Kornienko states that united democratic forces have made another step in preparing for elections — they made a list of candidates to the district election commission:
"And in order to voters perfectly realized our initiatives, I would say that this list is not only a former — MPs or people that have experience in state service. Then there is the current deputies. And if a person is in such specific criteria chosen deputies of local councils, and authorities did not include it in the district commissions, I think it’s commonplace and voters will become clear — why.
Very basically, it’s also the only list. And this list, we ask and require the least regarded as a condition assessment of the elections. If all 110 of our representatives will not be included in the county commission, that of democratic elections can not mention. "
The press conference was attended and Anatoly Lebedko. "At first they were all amazed, as travel abroad from Belarus Anatoly Lebedko was in Warsaw. And now wonder how he came back. Oh so favorite Joint civilian party clarifies the situation:
"I, like all my colleagues in the coalition, arrived in Warsaw … from heaven. And like all vorachivalsya through Minsk airport. Well, there was little surprise. But Homeland took home. And while the opportunity to defend their constitutional rights preserved .
By the way, yesterday I received an answer from the Central District Court of Minsk. Tribunal refuses to consider judicially my complaint to the actions of the Ministry of Interior. They thought it must, so I went through all the officials. And I believe that this formal reply.
Bythis problem remains topical. And we, too, had read about it in Warsaw. It is not only my personal problem. In this list, for example, Angelika Borys, representatives of youth initiatives. And if it does not sharpen focus, tomorrow all here present, including journalists, will be possible in this list. "

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