Hust buy hats, even those who do not wear hats

Khust factory headwear and its director Ivan Lupyaka known outside Justa and Ukraine. It was under his leadership the company producing the famous Khustskyy products not only came out of the millions of desperate cons, but also to revive the glory of Khust hat.

But the road to economic self-sufficiency and financial independence was not easy.

There was a time when the company wanted a unique equipment to be auctioned off — for scrap metal and building materials. The team is not allowed. Begs the "investors" who from the first day exploring the asking prices for how much the property will sell. Were swindlers who promised millions of investment.

Of all the tests are not only a manufacturer of hats went out with dignity, gain economic independence, but also modernized workshop, held economical heating came on decent volume — every year the factory produces products for 7 million hryvnia. Not only that — since last year at Justa work for two "milliners" enterprise.

Trading house "Khust factory felted products" has been producing semi-finished products. This company was established on the basis of Khust factory hats resulting from the distribution of production capacity and production functions. Blanks for hats are much in demand on family businesses that can not produce their own caps. After all, it needs unique equipment and the process requires a lot of effort. Therefore, trading house has the ability to sell raw materials not only "his" — factory "Hust-Fils", but also to firms outside the Carpathians and Ukraine. Subject to the high quality DT could dictate terms to the market semis.

Another company, remains under the authority of Ivan Lupyaka — Khust factory felted hats "Hust-Fils" — works as those referred to already prepared food, and on the basis of Chinese and Polish raw materials.

For cooperation with Chinese enterprises is beneficial because they bring cheap raw materials from wool. When working with him, the hats are almost indistinguishable from the rabbit, and the cost is much lower, hence the price is available for bulk buyers. Both factories are engaged in preparation of rabbit skins, search for partners, but they are not competitors.

However, a search of partners we almost did not go. All firms in Europe and the CIS countries have long been aware of Khust factory, so it is solely on the adjustment range, the discussion of new models, fashion forecasting. For partners and meet — then come to Hust, then take in their countries.

— Hust has long had a stable of customers, especially in those states where the headdress is a mandatory attribute, — says Ivan. — Let's say, for the Chechens, Circassians, Ingush. "A man should keep two things — a hat and a name" — there is a saying among the Chechens. For each of the North Caucasian peoples provided a new design caps, which emphasize their national identity. Therefore, no matter how evolved the whim of fashion or some financial zigzags order of these republics are the same every year, which means that we can feel confident.

Headgear mandatory for Jewish national and religious traditions. Each group of Jews is only imvlastivi caps and hats. Wear a hat etnoreligiynoy other groups are not allowed.

Of course, the list of customer countries Khust hat is much wider. She bought in Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Austria, Germany, Italy …

And, of course, love Khust products in Ukraine. Her book entrepreneurs who are constantly buying tourists, especially stopping in a shop Khust factory. You can not hurry yourself to try one or two-dozen hats (it is, of course, the women's headdress), and finally choose the right model. Visited the enterprise and famous actors, film directors, ministers, MPs, their wives, daughters, mothers … For example, the MP and renowned accordionist Ian Tabachnik, or co-author of the film "Heart of a Dog", or the wife of the Prime Minister.

There are bulk purchases for women working at the customs, the police. However, workers should order his hats at his own expense, as the contract with these organizations, the factory does not have.

Hustyane recently started producing and cylinders. These hats bought Ukrainian theater groups, opera performers. They have gained in popularity and in the Lviv region. There are fashionable wedding ceremony in a retro style, and appropriate for the wedding procession is such headgear.

In the end there is a product for those who do not wear hats. The enterprise began to produce small souvenir hat with feather and embroidered ribbon as a memento of our province and the famous Khust factory.

Vasily Gorvat

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