I wanted to invent, but could not … and Harchevsky BELIEVE!


  • I wanted to invent, but could not ...
  • I wanted to invent, but could not …

Normal business trip … in Lipetsk aviation center deployment and retraining crews occupied day. Early in the morning, along with a group of officers flown, we disembarked with bags and Bags of military transport "Antonov" and joined the action unfolding on the airfield.

Air festival met us bottomless blue sky and the sun was hot already. Residents of Lipetsk and Aviagorpdok, families and groups, the ubiquitous flocks Malchish, intentionally scattered along the designated ribbon fence and watched the scene.

Everything, as usual, well-brought up at such events. Skydivers, display group and individual aerobatics, dogfights. The warm smell of kerosene and burned in the afterburner exhaust roar of engines hovered over the airport.

But our main task was to talk with the head of the center, Major General Harchevsky. Managed to get an interview, when he came down from the cockpit fighter, removing complex acrobatics in the sky.

Kharcho? Vsky Alex? PDR Nicola? Evich (born May 9, 1950) — Head of the 4th Center for Combat Use and retraining of pilots of the Air Force Chkalov in Lipetsk, Honored Military Pilot of Russia, major general aviation. Head of the aerobatic team "Falcons of Russia"

The work was done, and we stood outside the headquarters building, thinking about how to get to the hotel. The plane was scheduled to return home in the morning.
Near stopped abruptly "UAZ", and of him, already in a general's uniform, came Alexander Harchevsky.

— Now the driver of the car to refuel and take you to the hotel.
He waved his hand fighter, and "Bobby" yanked from their seats.

— Come on, I'll wait.

In the office sat us down at a table and ordered to bring tea. Adjutant gently put on the table sweetmeats and glasses with a hot drink.

I have long wanted to know in detail about that, a little-known stories that happened to Harchevsky and his slave in 1992 in the United States. And I could not resist:
— Comrade General, tell us …

He thought about it. A little went nodules on the cheeks. Looked expressively.

-You can … send anything, even invent beautiful, for a bunch of words. But the camera does not want to talk.
— The train. Agreed.

Alexander stood up and beating the table, somewhere we suddenly pulled out from behind the square crystal bottle and three glasses. Because of the glass bottle was staring at us, the increased refraction of liquid, fixed eyes of some outlandish snake.

— Vietnamese? .. — Experience of life in the Far East did not seem to give me a complete ignoramus. My younger colleague smiled modestly.
Harchevsky quickly and stared across the table, looked me and looked into my eyes.
— Where to serve? ..

I, on the long-established custom, briefly reported, calling the garrison and occupation.

— From our means — with a slight smile summed Nikolayevich, precise movements quickly filling us in full and splashing in his glass to the bottom. Although during our conversation never took a sip.

We listened to his story, drinking vodka with unusual Asian flavor, and eating candy and cookies.

However … the then Major Karabasovym, his wingman, and a group of chiefs they came to America on a pair of combat-capable Su-27UB. Now we know not only the art, as a whole took that trip. When arriving at the approach to the base, the Americans kept our aircraft 1 hour 10 minutes. holding over the ocean as long as the amount of fuel to "drying" was not close to the emergency residue, so as not to give the guests show their complex aerobatics over the air base, in front of the American public. Americans themselves at this time showed in the airspace of a show fight. It seems to be a small thing, but small things like a lot of talk in public, and, moreover, in international relations. Especially for pilots who have, by definition, does not mean ability.

You probably should not talk in detail all known fact that when our pilots has been coupled to several air combat demonstration cleaned razderbanit best overseas aces. The superiority of domestic machinery and flying skills of our couple was so impressive that the U.S. "Eagles" are no longer at the meeting on the ground to smile and shake hands. They only had to helpless rage teeth grinding, wiping their powder. At the end of this trip almost turned into a tragedy.

Here's what I asked the general to tell in detail.

With a flight from Langley to the main migratory airbase on both "drying", managed Harchevsky and his wingman George Karabasovym, at the same time keep the power plant. As it turned out, the Americans simply thread the poor-quality fuel our cars. Although the analysis of the incident piled everything on the carelessness of staff and the density difference between fuels.

After an emergency report of the slave, and immediately stop their engines occurred, Harchevsky gave their accompanying pilots on the F-15: "Do not go away from us! If we can not start the engines, tell rescuers the place of our bailout. " Top Aces of the United States, a day before losing all of our air combat pilots, only chuckled gleefully over the air and are amenable to gas, flew away.

  • I wanted to invent, but could not ...
  • I wanted to invent, but could not …

Height — 14,000 feet. All four of the engine on both machines have stopped. Below — American desert. For a hundred miles around — not a living soul. All consumers, except for the radio station, turned off to conserve the batteries. Airplanes glide in silence, falling to the ground, you can hear a hissing oxygen mask.

Seconds away quickly, the speed and the height of fall.

And then Harchevsky, having considered the deadlock, decides to risk it. Instructs the slave, "Jora, we go into a dive, try to start. Do as I do! ".

Two sky-blue heavy fighter, fall freely to the ground, resembling bombs. Stalled turbine reluctantly gaining momentum from the incoming flow more dense surface air, pumping of fuel into the combustion chamber rotten American fuel. Height decreases rapidly and irreversibly. And if it does not …

Think about it no.

From the rapid decline deafened, pilots, their mouths open, screaming and deep breaths trying to align the intracranial pressure. Otherwise, burst eardrums to hell! Can not hear each other — what then, to the devil, the negotiations? ..

And suddenly, the slave cries on the air, "may run! Leveling! "

One of its engines earned three and a half thousand, as they reported later. In fact — was only about two thousand, no more.
A Harchevsky still rushing to such a hateful now the sand of the desert, frantically looking for sensors of the engines.

Howled turbine, shaking the whole machine spew some indigestible mold manufacturing evil friends, and Colonel pulled the dial itself, losing sight of the overload pulled hard …

According to the report, he went to two thousand. Really — I almost scooped up a pair of air intakes cacti. You should not frighten his high authority, it is unlikely to appreciate. Is that a supervisor later reported unofficially.

It is surprising that slipped.

Go to the base, or rather hobbled, each on one engine. There was no guarantee of success again like c
razy. God knows what's in the tank for the brew poured!

Slowly gained clearance height and has slowly caught up reduces the Americans got after them on the base, without any tantrums.
Not all fingers do the same! ..

"Well, Rushen birdseye (Russian birds) — coming up with an impudent grin, already thrown in the parking lot outside of radio, accompanied them in flight shtatovskih" Eagles "- tight you had to? Well, rejoice that remained alive. " And one added, lowering his voice: "piss? The next time will be worse! "…

… Alexander pushed the untouched glass and looked at a wide window at the sky. Outside squeaking brakes drove up the commander's car.

— Here they are, our overseas "friends" …

There was in his voice, no sorrow, no threat. But it would be better if they did not hear that voice, for some reason I thought.
Harchevsky looked at us and his face changed. He smiled lightly. In Gagarinskoe.

— You have time, and I still do.

His hand was firm, and his eyes — as usual steel.
After thanking and saying goodbye, we went to the door.
Coming out, I looked around the office again and looked at the table.

Tea has remained intact … Author Roslyakov Vitali

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