Illya Bohdan and Anton Koipish at large

They were detained for 10 days as a suspect in a criminal case of an explosion at a concert to the days of Independence on July 4. They do not charge.
21-year-old Ilya Bogdan and 22-year-old Anton Koipish came together from an insulator. In this time with lattice window insulator Akrestsin Street someone shouted loudly welcomes release activists and waved his hand. Illya Bohdan told, afterdnie day was sitting in the same cell with Anton Kopijsh:
"I think, like us, was 100 people. As a result, all the people who were sitting on this case as suspects called political. And students were sitting, and people who have what were once some offense. It was mass arrests, and it’s hard to say what it was designed. This is a great mnogohodovki and I think it will still take a long time. "
Ilya said KGB officers detained him in the evening near the Academy and was taken home, where raided. Took scotch, foil, stickers, leaflets, dishwashing liquid tiles, also a computer system. In the investigative department Ilya refused to testify. He spent more than a day in so called the "Glass" in the police. The boys were almost impassable in the chamber insulator, they were taken out only for examination of blood and to get acquainted with big folder of expertise in the blast case. According to Anton, he saw that he had been acquainted with the folder 25. Ilya told:
"I was sitting in the 2-cells, and there also were" subversives ", people who were once criminal authorities. And it was horrible outrage that this precedent is an indication that the government is currently "run" as a new way to detain opposition and ordinary people. Opening a criminal case to a simplethe man you can come home and find scotch that exists in this case, and duralumin foil. "
Anton was also detained Koipish July 10. He was at home when officers arrived KGB raided and seized a computer system. When Anton refused to carry it, the KGB investigator arrested him for three days. And later he was warned that arrest on 10. Anton interrogation lasted about 3 hours, because he claimed that the investigator took notes on whiteRussian language.
"The camera is very stuffy. Chamber for 19-20 square meters. There wasabout 5 people. Initially there throwing any criminals later started throwing "terrorists." We slept on boards without undressing naked absolutely or partially undressed, so shove odezhku for themselves.

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