In Brussels weave Evragnyazdo

Conference initiated a parliamentary committee on cooperation between the EU and Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova. Ukraine and the United democratic forces of Belarus. 5 States are naming parliamentarians and Belarus — opposition politicians: Vintsuk Vyachorka Kavalets Alexei and Sergei Kalyakin and Anatoly Liabedzka. Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus in Brussels is not invited.
"For us, very principle, that will be created brand new institution, which is called "Evragnyazdo." This is an inter-parliamentary assembly which will work on the same basis. Her work will be integrated 5 parliaments and representatives of united states Democratic Forces Belarus to addition time yet we do not have a real parliament, "- said" by telephone from Brussels favorite UCP Anatol Lyabedzka.
Now imply the final resolution of the conference to take. The draft document has a separate article, which deals specifically with Belarus. And after the conference Belarusian delegation will accept the head of the European sovereign Poettering.

Tags: the opposition, the European Parliament, Brussels

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