In Drozdave Drozdov and we have and that will peck …

Cosmo: "Drozdava will settlement for cottages. Near freeway dyzel. Rivers — Ditva and Neman. Facilities in the village for byastsenne acquire. Town in the prices grow without measure. Apartment in the town can pass here 5 years and live …"
Meeting and getting to know the fascinating hobby of Victor Ivanovich — ahead. I also still talking to other drozdavtsami.
Cossack: "Our neighbor at one point lost. More grandmother took the kids to the city — home escaped. Hundreds Share — going, some say. Library that was removed, sorry. For kids was a shelter. Come with guitars, there were activities to prazdnichkom. And now they that — stop smear left. Formerly the village was so densely populated, houses were so tight that any roof above, then how will the rain, the water flowed for the next roof. I remember plank put. And people from the 1st and the end of on the other walked, controlled, lest the fire … "
It was a native of Ekaterina Kazak. Second year of retirement. The village elders rights. Living with at the mental level of unhealthy mothers. Because’re talking on the porch. The interviewee says that she worked as an agronomist, an accountant at the then farm named after Chkalov. But in the upcoming conversation and named another one of his long-standing position. We start with the same arguments about agrogorodok at Potters, which appeared two years back and which would be administratively Drozdava treat. But the village waved his hand — all, he says, is not equipped. Although there is almost 100 inmates, 16 of them — children.
Cossack: "It’s only in the center of agro where welfare projects, FAP, post office, club, church, gas held …"
Reporter: "That did not become part of Drozdava agrotown at Potters, so it’s not a big loss?"
Cossack: "We have not lost anything. Yunykh not. Who settled in the town, where housing prospects. People who are zapivohi. Their heavy drinking — not fed cattle, prybavlenne weight and disappear after a few days. Here in the adjacent house grandmother died. Settled husband and his wife. He was sitting — well, nothing happens. But no — drink. And the boy began to steal. A sturdy not wait. Well, build a complex with computers then zapivohu not deliver … "
Uniformly companion to cross generalizations.
Cossack: "The president says — connect voedinyzhdy. Scientists — to be more than 10,000 hectares of arable land to begin to build. Loans should be taken, and no money. 100-200 kg of diesel fuel even to drive collective milk. Either karma ride. And here you come to the farm — the timing here and there broke, burned out light bulbs. A farm also lived — the walls are strewed. On the one hand all appropriate — not patching, will not touch it, because it is not with meaning. But the means that turnover, are only for current expenses. .. "
Reporter: "Repair the road, paint fences … Is that the point of application of force?"
Cossack: "No, no, but need huge funds to invest in a new one. And then come from the area — my idea is true, and the second — stupidity. And come to the meeting, it seems like someone is express!"
My companion looks experienced person. Lady admits to being secretary of the collective farm Party organization. I ask then, as it relates to the gaze of a physical education teacher from Ivan Goncharov Matusevicha. I hear the familiar long years of intonation.
Cossack: "Matusevich beneefovtsev refers to the last wing. He always many lives, all bad. Though during the game humanly tried, no one is pressed …"
Explain. With more current coach Ivan traditional combat sovereign Matoussevitch I met two years back. He educated European silver medalist, 22-year-old Valeria Polensky now also gancharovtsa. In the emperor Potters Matusevicha reputation cerebral opposition. He is the only village subscribed to "Narodnaya Volya", while there was a possibility, and their political beliefs is not hiding. Including the case for agricultural towns. Here is what he said to me then.
Matoussevitch: "Agro? Were those when vzbuynyali village. Villages destroyed. Nothing is, I think, will not. Agrotowns Who fiction? Generally not even Khrushchev Russian Union. This Hitler dreamed he seized Ukraine, which the Germans will build towns such where people are slaves and chiefs Germans — the superior race. hijacking people in one pile and so they did — agrakantslyagery … "(laughs)
Again I ask the former Communist Catherine Kazak — and it really razyhoditsesya you are in the sight of Ivan Matoussevitch? She is confused.
Cossack: "I say to people — write! Later looking response to a letter in the newspaper -" what we should. "Well ill …"
At highway Brest Drozdave built three so-called presidential houses, which moved in three young families. However, the house on 7 winds, because without fences. 34-year-old milkmaid Lena and 40-year-old tractor driver Nikolai live here second year. Moreover — moved here from Lida.

Lena: "You see, beginning to plant a vegetable garden. Naturally, like, that put a fence …"
Reporter: "By agrotowns when I go in the houses themselves put ceilings, floor" inflated "…"
Lena: "Yes, there is! In the first bath house was not. Wall "went" — education has already. Have to do everything yourself. Barnyard one for two families. Work naturally nepriznatelnoe. NOT appreciated. Do everything ourselves, out of scrub cattle. Behind the house is the farm calculates. Phone no. Nature is good — near the forest with berries, mushrooms. I personally do not regret that I moved. Better in the town without pay to sit? I am better than what I get 300-350 thousand … "
I found Drozdave and the only farm family. Found — in fact people in particular do not protrude. Not from fear — there is nothing. Oleg & Galina Makarova 44 hectares of land rented seven years ago. Have little old harvester, truck, tractor. But tenderloin land only 10 hectares, the rest on the sands yes quagmire. And though the last time collected 100 tons of grain, feel despair. Galina says.

Part of: "Survival will be hard. Which year are working. Especially the income does not have. Taxes — a large sum. Pay a single tax, VAT — 10%, the social security fund, Belgosstrakh — from sales …"
Reporter: "And for you to manage 100% implemented?"
Part of: "Can not. Competitiveness growing. Unable to save for the winter — keep. No — gone. My husband does not know what to do …"
Well, now promised a story about an old-timer admiration, sovereign Victor hairstyles. He inscriptions on monuments, according to archival documents, the recorded video memoirs native made his ancestry back to the seventh generation. Is going to make your on the web.
Cosmo: "Not changed name. Everywhere written — hairstyles. Simon was, Basil, Andrew, is the great-grandfather and my father Isidore Ivan. Teuton If advancing in time First World War, with the king-father and described everything was done orderly. We have an act of August 15, 1914 . "Private Ivan petition Isidarava Cosmo about making a description and evaluation of the fixed and movable property, crops, located in the village Drozdava." And here listed: potatoes planted on 247 rubles, a new residential house — 10000, old — 500, barn — 700, stables — 150 rubles … Thereby governmen
t encouraged people to leave the area, but guaranteed return! And so they went to Russia. Drove in the Nizhny Novgorod province, village of New Products. (Gartae.) My grandfather was a forester. They immediately gave it 2 cattle, horses, decent house. They were given allowance — 27 rubles 97 kopecks.’s ticket printing and fugitive … "
Completely different stories records of their own sovereign Cosmo nedavneshnih Protz who lived in the midst of the 50s of the last century.
Cosmo: "And in the womb of my mother recognized his fist in the 50s. At night came" funnels. "Knock on the door -" Assemble yourselves, and take only the most necessary. "And who is that -" do not ask. "True, uncle fled. And these brought to Lida station cordoned off. miracle mom found out that my grandmother took — has arrived, and do not even allowed to say goodbye! And they brought in Kazakhstan. After the 55th was "the Polish decision." And while they were Orthodox, went to Poland. There profiteer — they were given a house. 2nd uncle conquered remained in Lyagnitsy — he was given a two-story house. And here, in the homeland, they took home. vorachivatsya He had nowhere! able to match … "
Last pleasant encounter I have accomplished at the end, with the 62-year-old monarch Anatoly Bystritskaya. Adrekamendavavsya He told me himself.

Bystritskaya: "Root, was born here, grew up, learned. Was left his father’s house, a piece of land. Here my ancestors lived, relatives, friends. Acquired All this work — house, barns. Grandson for 16 years. All going here on Sunday …"
Reporter: "And blackbirds hear the pecking?"
Bystritskaya: (Laughs) "peck. Gouge that there — people sow. I think that will sow …"

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