In his native town of Larissa Heniyush asked her books

On the morning of the center Zelva currently crowded: construction workers, many passers-by on the market are trading hassle, retirees are drawn to the church.
I’m just in the center of the square. On the one hand executive committee, on the other — a monument to Lenin. I ask passers-by — in connection with which such reconstruction?
Man: "This city is preparing for the 750th anniversary."
Reporter: "Do you have to upgrade?"
Man: "It is clear that so."
Spades: "How can such like, when such blue spruce and then pavyrezvali How can a man like?"
2nd lady: "But there we have Gagarin Street, all parazvalvali and nobody does anything."
Reporter: "It’s somewhere on the outskirts?"
The same lady: "Yes, no, not far from the railroad, near the farm machinery. There nightmare nettle grows and cattle graze. And here doing something …"
For a few days before arriving in Zelva I called the executive committee to the deputy chairman on ideology, Valentine Semenyako, and asked, will be honored in connection with the anniversary of the town of Larissa, daughter of the famous writer Heniyush? In the town so far there is no museum of the writer and not of any one street bears her name.
Semenyako: "It means I have to comment on the phone you will not give."
Now I visited the city library and there tried to figure out how revered the memory of the famous writer. Head a few times called to the executive committee, and later said that their being renovated and no interview, she will not give.
Local bookstore too darn. Finding out where I am, head declined to say when the recorder. Said, however, that books Larissa Heniyush in their long, no, no and separate shelves with publications in the Belarusian language.
But I had read that the inhabitants Zelva when I asked — stands in their town would honor the memory of Larisa Heniyush:
Spades: "None of her memory, not counting the church worships. There is a monument plaque. Authorities promised a museum, but so far no."
Man: "The monument stands near her church. We know who this Larissa Heniyush. And people treated her well, she was very razlyubeznaya hospitably and the hostess is not bad, but …"
2nd man: "I know that Radunitsa her grave people came from all over the country, just remember it and people appreciate her memory …".
And that’s what I said Maria Deikalo, which currently lives in the home of the writer, when I asked Larissa Heniyush revered memory in Zelva.
Deikalo: "Well, who is this as who recognizes, and who does not recognize …"

Excavated street in Zelva

Prior to that prosper administrative structure and an area of about executive committee structure

Aging house, where there was an apartment Heniyush Larissa and her husband Yankee Heniyush

Monument Larissa Heniyush mounted on charitable funds near the church.

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