In ILO concerned Belarusian workers rights

In Geneva in the framework of the 97th session of the International Conference on the work of the Government of Belarus considered the report on the implementation of the 1st document — the 87th General Conference of the ILO Convention "On freedom of association and protection of the right of workers to organize."
Belarusian governmental delegation headed by the Minister of Labour and Social Protection held Vladimir Patupchyk report to the Committee on the Application of Standards of the ILO.
What will be approved solution becomes clear only at the end of next week — said spokeswoman Leticia the International Labour Organization Dard.
"At this point last meeting of the Committee. As expected, its follow-up Thursday in a subsequent report will be approved. After this report are discussed and approved at the plenary session the International Conference on the work in the following Friday. "
By Laetitia Dard, presently Standards Committee and standards every day considering about 25 cases.
What could be the resolution on the Belarusian issue can be judged before the meeting of vserasprostranennoy advice of professionals ILO Committee. It proposes "to celebrate with curiosity" steps taken by the Government of Belarus to implement the Convention "On freedom of association and protection of the right of workers to the organization," the Convention concerning the right of workers to collective bargaining agreements.
What does this formulation? ILO expects that steps made at the moment Belarusian government, will further the upcoming progress and is going to continue dialogue this issue with the Government and the social partners.
Violation of rights trade unions in Belarus was one of the reasons that the Commission deprived Belarus trade preferences with the EU.
Views on a panelist in Geneva, chairman of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions Alexander Yarashuk, "The situation in the industry has changed fundamentally." Belarusian authorities have not adopted the Law on Trade Unions, which in accordance with the Decree of the President should approve more a year earlier.

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