In Navagrudak opened a museum Boris China

School Director Lyudmila Peluts cuts the ribbon
The event was attended by teachers and students, representatives of local authorities, the Union of Belarusian Writers Union "Fatherland" Novogrudka inhabitants. In 1939 indoor Novogrudskaya Belarusian Gymnasium (now the school number 1) was a personal study, in which lived headmaster Boris Kit. Now in the other room, where once stood the Kid (International Friendship Club), again "settled" Kit. The museum exposition China created with the support of the school district officials and local history museum. Monetary support made by the representative of the Belarusian diaspora in Russia, Valery Kazakov
for whose account has been renovated a school floor. Keith Boris himself, which is the 99th year, the celebration did not come, although very welcome. Authoress Lydia Savic
read his appeal to the audience:

Ivan Grin
Some weird way the name China joined and disloyal to the true representatives of the Government public organizations, and employees of the district executive committee. Managing the ideological control of the executive committee Novogrudskii Ivan Grin
referred museum opening event of great patriotic sound:
"And local authorities and collectives, public area is given a very great attention to cooperation with our fellow countrymen."
And sovereign Grin, and other personally acquainted with Boris whale protruding read as much positive about it as Belarusian enlightener, fighter for whiteRussian language and immediately citizen of the universe, of cosmic party programs. Authoress Olga Ipatova hoped that over time the school number 1 Novogrudka built Boris whale along with other residents Novogrudka and peasants in the nearby villages of pre-war Poland to teach kids in their native language, will soon again become a Belarusian-language. A recognizable painter Alexei Marochkin

Alexei Marochkin
fate and raring Drazovicha Joseph and Boris China:
"You see, space connected them. At 1st creator, artist Jazepa Drozdovich space was in the imagination, so breathtaking, and Keith has felt this space directly in their work. This is really a man of peace."
Alexei Marochkin suggested that the first satellite, which is independent of Belarus will send into space, was named Boris China. Boris Kit

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