In Nizhny Tagil presented «Terminator 2»

In Nizhny Tagil presented
Tank support combat vehicle (BMPT) «Terminator 2» has the very highest export potential, and its global premiere at the show in Nizhny Tagil was successful.
This was stated by the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin IX International show of arms, military equipment and ammunition.

«The world premiere BMPT-72» Terminator 2 «was now successful. Russian army was needed in this car is about 20 years ago. In particular, if we recall the languid battles during Severe storm in December 1994 — January 1995, when needed the support of tanks «- said Rogozin.

The vice-premier, BMPT-72 is designed to support tanks, but the range of its implementation is much more extensive.

The machine is designed «Uralvagonzavod». As noted in the company, is a revolutionary modernization of the world-famous T-72 tank. In the process of creating BMPT-72 was taken into account the experience of creation and use BMPT, who during his firepower was nicknamed «The Terminator».

As basic model, «Terminator 2» is able to perfectly solve puzzles fire support tanks and infantry in all kinds of combat operations in complex geographical areas, at any time of day, at least against any opponent. Among the differences from the previous model — improved fire control system and security module battle tower.

BMPT-72 representatives emphasize «Uralvagonzavod» provides a unique opportunity for all countries, armed with the most massive tank worth modern T-72, rapidly and cost-effectively to reincarnate his army in an ultra-modern, without purchasing expensive new machines, make it strong, mobile , a highly secure and well armed.

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