In opposition took money and credit cards

The activist was detained by KGB. Their appearance in the midst of a day or on an empty street recalled Dmitry Szymanski Detective:
"10 Minutes, I stood in one place, rather deserted and was expecting a taxi. Suddenly jumped from nowhere these people. Certainly, they are watching me."
KGB took Dmitry Szymanski Department investigations of money the State Control Committee, where he seized two bank cards and 1,700 bucks. Investigator on the spot decided to bring them to the examination: "Tipo phony." Also activist claimed submit an income tax return for the last 5 years. This must be done within 10 days. Entire history Dmitry Szymanski explains preparation authorities "dark PR" recently elections — activist going to participate in them.
"This is a definite trend, because Alexander Lukashenko enjoined by the competent authorities to trace what these people live, and to show the people. After all, the whole operation was filmed by the camera. Always, until I was kept in the department, the camera is not turned down all my actions were taken. As I was forced to turn out pockets and so on. Consequently, I think we will soon see these details on television. "
During their detention, Dmitry Szymanski learned that his cell phones do not work. MTS ovsky phone swiftly joined later, and "velkamavski" earned only after appeals to the telephone company.
Where did opposition activist in 1700 dollars, and that he was going to do with them? Dmitry Szymanski does not hide this secret: the money collected to purchase a computer in Minsk, the right to issue a number of publications Brest public associations. One of them, "Constellation", he heads. Activist says that earns consulting services for companies in Brest.
Managing the legal commission of BPF Vladimir Labkovich believes "operation" against Dmitry Szymanski part of a larger campaign against the opposition.
"I think this increased control and pressure on activists recently parliamentary elections. Authorities concerned to release the very impact and role of the opposition in the elections."
The press service of the State Control Committee not Comment out acts of employees of the Department of Investigation regarding cash Dmitry Szymanski. "I do nothing about it is not clear," — said the press center manager Ira Voytik.
Facilitator. Incidents with the withdrawal of funds from the detained activists of the democratic movement and opposition politicians have happened before. For example, this happened with the chairman of the BHC Hulak, politicians Sergei Alpher Andrei Sannikov and other.

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