In Strasbourg, had read about the Belarusian elections

Official position on the debate posted vice-chairman International Committee of the House of Representatives Anatoly Krasutski, alternative — Co-Chairman of the United Democratic Forces Anatoly Lebedko.
Anatoly Lebedko said by telephone from Strasbourg that This time representatives of the Russian Federation does not behaved relatively Belarusian opposition as tough as usual:
"There were comments from the Russian and Turkish delegations. They welcomed dialogue itself for itself, were that very principle, that there was an opposition to the government, and that through the dialogue is also found some sort of consensus. But very true representative of Hungary said that very principle to the same way we are aware of this dialogue. After all, if the dialogue is no specific agenda a day or, if not resolved certain questions when he boundless, it does not lead to normalization of the situation.
A as for the main theme of the debate, it is obviously the election campaign. All are interested, which can be More change and whether change in general for the time remaining before the election. Promise of those who participated in the debate, and from us — the ball at half power. And if she wants to open the door to Council of Europe, need to meet the requirements that have Europe. "
Alexander Lukashenko has recently said that Europe can and give some seats in parliament opposition. So, that is all there is?
Co-chairman of the United Democratic Forces disagrees:
"I said, now that we have completely eliminated bargaining — if are trading principles and values of the Council of Europe in three or four places UDF representatives. For us, it is completely unacceptable, and this it can not be done."
Political analyst Vladimir Rovdo also warns against the temptation to get into parliament through an agreement with the government:
"And indeed, Lukashenko and Yarmoshina can find two to five people, which in the House could would create such a pseudo. They would be doing scandals, their would demonstrate to BT. And would read: "See how the opposition to quarrel among themselves." After all, they will fight among themselves, and not act as a group against the president. Such opposition they really could do to appease the West and get some loans. But this then means for the opposition to play their game. Completely then get a brain, a moral authority. "

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