In that play child

Barbie - useful as a computer - it is necessary

What child would not play, he does not cry … And after all of that, in what children are playing, it depends on what they grow in the future.

Stuffed animals

We would have been British, talking about soft toys would rotate around a teddy bear. Because in England bear — the same attribute childhood, like nipple or stroller. No substitute for a teddy bunny or a dog can not be — English tradition! Well, we have no such uniformity is not, so we will focus on soft toys at all.

These toys are needed, and the children need them in the first year of life until the transition to the teen age (even the boys, although in recent years, childhood, they will struggle to conceal that his creation of plushstill expensive). The mystery here is small: Toys representing animals are very cozy, they (in any case, good) kind of expression muzzles, they were nice to snuggle cheek. His kid a bear (though he already thirteen) can be trusted with a secret to tell resentment and find his comfort. Soft toy partly replaces kid my mother when she is away from home. It develops and the maternal instinct: zaek and squirrels so pleasant lull.

If belly stuffed animal toy beads, the use of two-fold: sorting them child will behave calmly and will actively develop fine motor skills of hands. Do not be afraid if the soft toys that your offspring will be high: it is important that they have little faces were different — it is necessary for the peace and comfort of the baby, and to people around the child seemed to him then twins.

And again, do not purchase only light toys (stuffed with synthetic padding). The beauty of the most famous teddy bear Winnie the Pooh was just that he was too heavy. Its stuffed with cotton wool and sawdust, it was so nice to lull Christopher Robin. A child from an early age learn to understand the difference between large and small, if it is supported by the difference in weight.

It is necessary that soft toy was qualitative: the nose, eyes, whiskers, plastic should be smooth and firmly attached. Otherwise abrasions are inevitable and will take from the mouth of the baby toy animal body. Make sure that the seams are firmly held the packing. Animal coat color is not proper to be bright-toxic, so as not to irritate the eyes and nervous system of the child. Finally, for the normal development of ideas about the world's best-if the color toy animal will be at least any consistent with this: blue kittens and bears crimson, shall remain on store shelves.


Our children are introduced to the charming Barbie fifteen years ago, and the debate about her not cease. But what's this: the American Barbie girly received almost half a century before their Russian counterparts, but also in their home countries have not yet agreed, it is bad or good. However, children do not care about the opinion of adults: long-legged, slender, with an impressive bust, Barbie needed every self-respecting girl even before she is able to say KUKLIN name.

Opponents Barbie frightening: adult doll too openly demonstrates sexual charms to which the tender age would be better off not paying attention. She also allegedly distorts the child's mind: the girl as if the whole life becomes hostage to the image of Barbie is growing selfish selfish, not caring future wife and mother.

Meanwhile, all this is not so. Scientists at the State University conducted a study about the Barbie. It turns out that young dolls holders demonstrate a higher intelligence, strong will and optimism than those little girls who are mothers and fathers did not buy a doll. But the fact is that the spectacular toy for young ladies playing the standard of beauty, charm and success in life. Moreover, Barbie disciplines: some Pups can throw in a corner and forget it there. Krasotulya Barbie simply do not quit, because it causes in children respect.

Do not give Barbie girls to five years, at least, along with accessories. All kinds of shoes, handbags and other small raschesochki wardrobe items Doll-fashionista so attractive that necessarily be in the mouth of a small child. Monitor the desire of his daughter all the time to indulge Barbie something new: a house, a car, a dress. Acquisitions are acceptable, but you have to know when to stop. Otherwise, over the years, having learned this stereotype, the site of an insatiable Barbie will be your daughter.

Steadfast Tin and other

For centuries considered: the girls — the dolls, boys — the soldiers and all the stuff that reminds of the war. But in the second half of the XX century, psychologists have decided that the military toys develop aggression in boys, and offered to save children's rooms of the legacy of militarism. However, the idea failed: after the Second World War, the Germans twenty years did not give her any paramilitary boys toys. As a result of increased generation of insecure and in addition aggressive young men.

Psychologists have determined the cause of failure. It turns out that every boy must once enough of the war. Otherwise, it is on a subconscious level, will try to fight with others, even when he grows up.


This is a toy that may well accompany the individual from early childhood to old age. Puzzles are the simplest (two-or three parts) and hard, consisting of thousands of pieces, piece together that not everyone will be able to adult. Besides messing around with puzzles really interesting. Often picking pazlovyh panels becomes a family favorite leisure activity.

Psychologists have found that this game teaches the child to perceive the relation of part and whole, develops spatial thinking and fine motor skills of hands, gently teaches the child to focus and strain your will. What more do you need?


Who's to say that the computer is not a toy? In the XXI century, it is quite common for the fun of modern advanced kids. However, parents are often confused by the nature of virtual games: many of them are too much violence, instill some misconceptions about the reality (for example, if the player hit the virtual opponent, does not matter — left him half a dozen lives). Again, virtual reality takes away from the true reality. In addition, many hours sitting in front of a monitor directly affects health. These are the arguments against the interests computer games.

Now let's look. The coming century — the era of information technology. And so the appropriate toys. To separate children from the computer still does not succeed, and do not need. If romp with real toys teach the child to live, then, competing with the characters of virtual games, he gets computer skills. The ability to make quick decisions and not lost when a failure occurs and the screen does not appear that baby expected to help in solving more complex problems.

A children's health hazards to protect against computer can — just make sure that the child carries out the rules that you stick to themselves, sitting at the computer.

The more the child played, as long as it liked to parents

Toys intended for children, but make them adults. And buy too.

The usual pattern: it is necessary at the window with accessories for Barbie is an adult aunt, and her face was more lively interest than is needed caring mother who buys her daughter a gift. Or solid man, intently studying the counter with toy cars: for whom he chooses "BIBIK" — for a son or for yourself?

Psychologists assert that for yourself. And advised not to be ashamed, and so do next. First, a toy in the house — a part of your environment, and it should be comfortable. After all, wallpaper and furniture for a child's room you chose which child did not ask? Secondly, buying your favorite toy that you target child on your tastes, and not some other people may have low-grade. Third, as
to adults and solidity you are, somewhere in the subconscious you remain a child. Well, what toys were in your childhood? Br-r. So now deliver even treat yourself: buy what you like.

By the way, this may be the most real toys for adults. For example, radio-controlled cars. No, not those that are sold in all specialized departments from Kaliningrad to Magadan. Machines for adults are a couple of thousand dollars, arranged not real easy, and sometimes go to their one. In the West, not to play the game with cars, even adults have special tracks for conduct gambling competition — something like a "Formula 1" in miniature.

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