In the bath, will celebrate

Man: "feast, went into town to look, who to talk to. Prazdnichek is prazdnichek, independence day, the liberation of Belarus. "

Go here on the "extras" like everyone else. And not specifically note

Reporter: "Grodno released July 16, this is also of Belarus."
His son: "Well, this is the beginning of liberation."
Reporter: "What do you mark — sit down at the table, as usual?"
Man: "In the bath will celebrate, without a bath is not prazdnichek."
Youth"Independence day. Symbolically special mention."
His girlfriend: "Get off here on" extras "like everyone else. And especially do not celebrate."
Reporter: "Do you realize what it did for the date?"
Youth"Day of liberation of Belarus, the capital, refers. "
Reporter: "Do you remember that day independence was July 27?"
Woman: "moved."

What’s the difference? If caused, that the third means 3rd

Reporter: "And in this connection — remember?"
Woman: "Yes, I remember. President so willed, and moved here. And so it was."
Old man: "Of course, now prazdnichek, not just output. We went for a walk with his granddaughter, to see how people rest."
His wife: "And in the evening we will celebrate at the table: vodka and champagne will be, and barbecue …"
Youth"I’m working on right now, I’m working on changing, before the night shift rest."
Reporter: "And you prazdnichek this means something?"
Youth"Well, are purely symbolic. I constantly work and urban prazdnichkom not see. Already humbled: previously wanted to relax on prazdnichkom, but the work now, you know, just more important."
Man: "Output, vacationing with the family, relatives came from Peter, lead them on a sightseeing trip. Prazdnichek Do not know, we now celebrate their departure tomorrow. Relatives — is more important."
Youth"For me, just off. Suppose prazdnichek, but I uploaded work because I try to just relax. For me it’s a moral prazdnichek faster and on a physical level, I just try to relax with your family."
Reporter: "On top of the transparency we read -" Congratulations, dear veterans! "And you this prazdnichek or not?"
Man: "We it is also prazdnichek, while double. We now have offspring born, he turned twelve years. So we decided to relax the family. "
Old man: "Naturally, it prazdnichek liberation of Belarus."
Reporter: "And what Grodno released July 16?"
Old man: "What’s the difference — third or 16th? If stipulated that the third means, third …"

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