In the case of 14 was left alone unpunished

The case against Alexander Borozenko accusing the organization of group actions Tipo entailed flagrant violation of public order during the campaign business on January 10 is not transferred to the tribunal because Alexander hitherto not familiar with it.
Alexander trained freshman Vrotslovskogo Institute at the Faculty of social sciences at programmke Kalinouski. Last year, he was expelled from the Belarusian State University where he studied at the Faculty of international relations. It happened immediately after, he was punished for his role in the arrest of student action "Funeral benefits."
January 10, Alexander participated in the action, as he was in Minsk to extend the visa. Again come to Minsk to read the materials of the criminal case, he could not, because taking exams that are missed while serving arrest.

Ancestors, of course, I wish that I stayed. But it’s not my choice.

"I immediately after serving arrest Akrestsin hung around a few more days at home to be with their parents. I owed go to Poland for the session as well, and during the arrest, I missed almost the whole session and I was almost expelled from the institute for it "- says Alexander Barazenka.
Alexander Barazenka learned that an investigator Paul Mikhalkevich announced it in a criminal investigation. In practice it means, that it crosses the Belarusian border, and detain him pending trial may be in prison. Alexander said, "Freedom", which hoped to come to Minsk after a session in July to the beginning of the new school year to get a verdict.
"Ancestors, of course, I wish that I stayed. They are generally willing to stay here forever. But it’s not my choice. I, of course, so I will not. My life is connected with Belarus and there will until the end, until we do not build the latest prosperous Belarus. That will do summer, I do not know. Almost all will depend on both thebehaves Investigator: he let me come to Belarus on bail or give orders to put me in jail. It is very an important factor. "
On April 23, the Central district tribunal sentenced 10 defendants to fines and restriction of freedom for two years without sending them to penitentiary.
May 27 Pavel Vinogradov and Misha Subach tribunal punished by restriction of freedom for two years, and 16-year-old Maxim Dashuk — 18 months.

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