In the case of the explosion has already arrested four people

As part of the investigation into the explosion on July 4 in Minsk are searched the apartments of current and former public activists. Some pro-democracy activists in the regions called the police on the conversation. KGB officers arrested 34-year-old Igor Korsak. They came for Igor July 8 in the evening with a search warrant, during which the package found in the apartment with bolts and nuts, and rubber gloves. Korsak told relatives that he is suspected of cultivating an explosive device and 3 days being taken to temporary detention in Akrestsin.
Recall, July 8, Alexander Lukashenko dismissed Municipal Security Council Secretary Viktor Sheiman and head Gennady Nyavyhlas own administration. Per day previously criticized both very Lukashenko for inactivity, which led to an explosion at a concert to days of independence in Minsk. Should see that the municipal media, not counting the promulgation of the Decree Lukashenko, do not comment on the resignation Sheiman and Nyavyhlas.
Seek out demolitions in the "White Legion"

KGB officers detained three persons suspected of involvement in the bombing on July 4. Investigators seek out evidence that during a gala concert on the night of July 4, specifically these people planted a homemade bomb in a lot of viewers. In the temporary detention are Igor Korsak, Miroslav Lozovskiy and Sergey number.
Homel police calls on the opposition "to debate"

In the Central district police Gomel, not counting fan created party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Constantine Zhukovsky, special agenda and called youth activist Mary Tulzhankova:
History sonorous resignations
Surrounded by Alexander Lukashenko separate figures virtually unchanged positions in different periods — it Sheiman, Gennady Nyavyhlas, Ural Latypov.

How is the fate of former dictators companions?

After the departure of dictators or authoritarian favorites from the political scene the fate of their companions and helpers develops differently. Someone can escape responsibility, others fall under the Tribunal. Here are a few relevant examples for the last year.
 In wheelchairs and Shejman Nyavyhlas until their deputies
Implementing commitments appointed Secretary of the Security Council Yuri Krivocheev controlling the presidential administration — Anatoly Rubinov.
M. Mushroom "preventive accusation" enemies of Belarus "directs the investigation on the wrong path in search of the real offender"

With large stands have heard different versions as to who was behind the explosion on the night of July 4 in Minsk-blast, which affected more than fifty spectators concert on Independence day. But, as the public editor this week, Lt. Gen. Mieczyslaw retired Mushroom, any investigation of the sample induce artificial channel, which was laid before Alexander Lukashenko — wrong.

Arrested last favorite "of the White Legion" Sergei Chislov


Sergei those arrested on July 7 and is in the center on Akrestin Street. This RFE Mom said activist Galina Chislova which referred to the lawyer son and employees of the KGB, on July 8th, raided her dacha outside Minsk.
Nina’s husband arrested Shidlovskaya
"My wife yesterday until late evening held in the KGB office in Minsk and Minsk region, and later taken to the investigative committee of Minsk police. At 12 o’clock in the morning there he was never released. At the moment it went to a lawyer "- told Shidlovskaya.

Former KGB suspects "belalegienavtsa" in the explosion on July 4

KGB officers detained a suspect in the malicious hooliganism during a concert on the night of July 3 and 4. This 34-year-old Igor Korsak. Mother-in-law Igor Korsak Tatiana Teterkina told Radio Liberty, July 3, the whole family were in the country and there engaged in construction. A 9th evening they returned to Minsk and were at home.
Acting Chairman of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Yury Belenky told Radio Liberty that the mother-in-law Igor Korsak candidate honey Tatiana Teterkina Sciences is an active member of the Conservative Christian Party BPF. But Igor Korsak himself is not a member of the party and does not accept any role in the activities of the party.
In the city Department of Internal Affairs have not confirmed nor denied the information to Radio Liberty that appeared arrested in the blast in Minsk on July 4.
"We can not confirm nor deny this information. There is a consequence, "- told Interfax the police department.
"Grouping Viktor Lukashenko now drink champagne"
The apartments activists seek out explosives

State most affected little languid feel better
The doctor said that in the most languid patients — victims of the explosion in Minsk on July 4, a positive trend. A 17-year-old Misha 6th patient medical clinics, numerous wounds of the chest and abdomen with a damaged liver, diaphragm, and fractures of the spine, ribs, right arm and leg. 19-year-old with a broken Stanislav pechannyu suffered through Clinics in ambulance for two complex operations and expects third — doctors remove the nut that braked at the heart. Journalists "Komsomolskaya Pravda" talked with relatives Misha and Stanislaus.
Travmatolyag 6th Municipal Clinical Center of Traumatology and Orthopedics Alexander Kryvtsun:

"Of the victims, brought us to the clinic, the most languid boy turned 18 years old, which is stuffed these iron things most: in the foot, arm, chest and abdominal cavities. His bail finished only 9th. "
Affected as a result of the explosion on July 4. Pictures from 6th Municipal Clinical Center of Traumatology and Orthopedics. Photos.

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