In the height of summer began to fight with the traders Kondyukov

To continue to trade this technique in standardization bodies need until June 12 to provide the documents. Traders they say that the new requirements is practically impossible.
On the days of household air-conditioner dealers received a letter from the Belarusian Municipal Institute of Standardization and Certification in which they are warned: from July 1, 2008, according to the state energy conservation program there, the products must be labeled with stickers energy efficiency.
Package of documents in the department waiting until June 12. Firms which do not fulfill the requirements, will be required to temporarily stop their activities.
Merchants Kondyukov outraged that fulfill the requirement so rapidly unrealistic because you need to provide copies of test reports Kondyukov.
That is what this occasion says Leonid Kudelsky — a member of one of the companies involved in the sale Kondyukov:
"No one else did, in principle. Indeed, none of these manufacturers do not sertyfikatsyynyh protocols. Because all completely unrealistic, and on July 1, just stop the sale and import of technology. And most of the air conditioner will not be sold. Wait another scenario is impossible. In European laboratories half personal, half — municipal. personally do not accredited anywhere they work there for decades, their Global name — and they are just personal laboratory. accreditations from No they do not need. And actually speaking, take some models, send them somewhere in Europe to test how our invented here — it’s a great means. Because at least the coming summer will be left without all this technology. "
Even if the scheme with laboratory tests Kondyukov score, then as stated Leonid Kudelsky expenses will include the price of the product.
The Belarusian Municipal Institute of Standardization and Certification of innovations they say not enough that:
"I do not even know how to answer the question. Since this is a new trend and we still do here is not particularly clear., In the sense that the protocols from the manufacturer really require, but what can be the problem here on?"
Reporter: "So even though someone has already brought these protocols?"
"What’s the difference? Even if someone brought it to you no such disk imaging will not. Each manufacturer their protocols. Grounds on which the certification body will distribute another’s documentation? We need to claim from you, and you have to imagine — that’s all. "
Employees of companies that specialize in the sale of the air conditioner, such a formula is not satisfied. First, therefore, in Belarus sertyfikavats same Kondyukov ability and no need to carry the technique whenever the West:
"Why such a laboratory in BelGISS or other structures for certification? Such laboratories for energy efficiency in their close and never was. Because they claimed or test laboratories accredited western or test protocols of the manufacturer. A manufacturer, usually, the entire line of one or two models, sends, receives their reports, and on the other do not even have. In other words, in any case, this one does not simultaneously. In all Western countries rather stickers, stickers series A, B, C, D. Well, we calculate trivial: take the amount of electricity consumed, divided by the number of cold and got the right number. Still printed, no lurking no disk imaging. But that’s such an initiative suddenly their born. At least in the fall … "
My interlocutor adds that all the necessary data about the performance and power consumption is in the technical documentation for each specific model of the air conditioner.
In turn, representatives of the Belarusian Municipal Institute of Standardization and Certification through municipal some media have already stated, the latest buzz about the procedures for working with the air conditioner based on the fact that many companies are working on a grayish schemes or through unregistered intermediaries. And, they say, such makarom hidden taxes.
In the past, the authorities of large cities first Minsk announced that smoking will have the air conditioner on the facades of buildings. Since the beginning 2008 those who wish to install the air conditioner, it should coordinate with housing and operational service in the community. In the housing and maintenance departments are usually advised to make a "box" on the walls, which are not released to the street and the courtyard.

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