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Artem Kovalevsky: "In this land is necessary to write in Belarusian"

"Distance and devotion" — referred to as his newest book young poet Artem Kovalevsky. She just came into being published by "Goliaths". From whom or from what the creator removed, and who or what he was betrayed — figuring Valentine Aksak.
Valentine Aksak‘Sire Artem, your first book of poetry, "Special game", published five years ago, did not really bad memory for readers warm lyricism and narrow recording. And in the latest book they expected the meeting specifically with this aspect of your poetic skill. But you have to offer not only special poetic game, and the prose of life. Why? "

Artem Kovalevsky"I wanted this book to actually connect poetry and lyrical prose. The instructions to the book it is written that lyric poetry and prose are not contrasts are consistent among themselves, as if vzaemadapavnyayutstsa. Trying prose, but such is very sensuous prose, seemed to me a logical continuation my poetry. "
Aksak"And you do not addalyaetsesya from poetry and prose begin to show devotion, as hinted in the title of the latest books?"
Kovalevsky"I think not, as the remoteness and devotion for me — it’s sensual first category, which is characterized by relations of men and ladies. And practically brand new book is one hundred percent dedicated to this relationship: the difficulties on the one hand, and simplicity — on the other, as it and it happens in life. "
Aksak"Your generation, the generation of thirty Belarusian writers — people with the institute, PhD, defended candidate, zabugornye training and teaching faculty. Vera Burlak Olga Gapeeva Victor Zhibul … You also teach at BSU currently researching harsh literary problems than destroy traditional myth of civilian alienation poet such vagabonds, despicable society. It is a conscious choice of the latest generation? "
Kovalevsky"It’s great that the poet is now the case with world literature, can travel to other countries and feel it is not difficult in a European context. I had a chance to live a whole year I studied in Krakow, Jagiellonian Institute, and I can say that We, Belarusians, their creativity quite exciting for our neighbors to the Poles. They are currently in the European Union and, maybe more feel European but very modern Belarusian literature correctly receives themselves in their European context. "
Aksak"A new generation of Belarusian writers — is, unlike their predecessors, kids huge Russified cities. Well, while you grow older fell to frizz mess funnels new Russian history, in which the Belarusian word — cost a penny. Why go pragmatic young intellectuals in Belarusian poets ? "
Kovalevsky"As ordinary Russian child, I started to get acquainted with the Belarusian language and teach it to the third class of secondary school. Immediately I was curious, immediately sensed that something natural, although natural outside. Already a child, had, of course, internal choice — in what language to write, as I wrote then, and in Russian, although started writing in Belarusian consciously. Later, it was the Russian transition, later, knowing Polish (Polish-I studied in high school), I wrote to the same on Polish. Such traditional Belarusian situation of language use our stately neighbors. But still I deliberately came to the idea that a heart or head, at the moment is hard to say that this land should be created in the Belarusian language. Indeed it is, it not dead and will not die — I’m sure. ‘Cause it was my conscious choice. Suppose a Belarusian poetry will be fascinating to 10 percent in some people, but it is fun and — thank God! Means will work for them. His creativity, I do not aspire to change the outlook of a person or act on it. Poetry — a first art. I always say this: not man for the language, and language rights. And when she told me fascinating, this language, I write on it, burning it to me first and later — for others. "
Creators and works
Franz Sivko "me great words in a state of extreme"

Franz Sivko lives in Vitebsk, where he heads the regional branch of the Union of Belarusian Writers. He is the creator of books of prose "What will come" (1991), "The Last Voyage of the country Liv" (1997), "Udoga" (2001). And not so long ago in a series of "Nasha Niva" published a brand new book writer Vitebsk "Time tambourine," what it and congratulated Michas Scoble.
Michas Scoble"Franz, as there comes a resounding from Vitebsk and stupid" Slavic market "? Have you live or watched those events that unfolded at venues?"

Franz Sivko"I was walking on the" Slavic market "when there was a festival of Polish songs, it was many years ago. Last year I got a ticket, I went to only one concert. Generally, it all becomes boring since come usually share the same people. Around "Slavic market" a lot of noise, and I do not like that this festival every year is more politicized. I treat him and because most of the inhabitants of Vitebsk, who seek out other values in art. Me "Slavic market" just not interested, I do not like all this is not the best pop varieties. Besides, I do not like the huge number of people, weight, I indifferent to similar measures. "
Scoble"I congratulate you with access newest book, which, incidentally, does not buy in Minsk. It just rapidly dispersed or created entire edition moved to Vitebsk, so countrymen read it?"
Sivko"The fact that a book published" Nasha Niva "and publisher Igor Logvinov. Because part of the circulation remained in Minsk, and I really took part in Vitebsk. Do not know how in the capital, but this book is not without movement, it I can not complain. How do I know in Minsk dispersed about 300 copies. If someone is not enough, let him come to Vitebsk, with pleasure I will sign. "
Scoble"So in Vitebsk driving is not only on the song festivals, and for an autograph from Franz Sivka. Action in your story" The Day of the tambourine "takes place in the country under the title Tsyuhaniya Marsh, which reminds one very familiar to the pain the country. As writer for you quite reality or fantasy have to connect? "
Sivko"And then this. Certainly, without fantasy writer can not manage. But I am convinced that the writer, of whatever he wrote, can not intrigue the reader, if the work it have something deep. As regards the validity, the she occasionally surpasses all abilities literature. Those actual manifestation that we encounter from time to time, is afraid to touch them. Every morning I see crowds of intoxicated people around high-rise buildings, and so is not enough … And this alkagalizatsyya at the household level very terrible. This symbol unkind future … Fantasy writer needs, but I’m an adherent of the literature, which is based in real life. "
Scoble"It would seem that while the realities of our lives — ready satirical work. But something appropriate genres we have abandoned. Where new Andrew Mry? Where new Belarusian satirist?"
Sivko"New time — new songs. I do not think we should push someone against their will, or they themselves go to satire. I not so long ago in one of our publications have read that if there were satirical works, then it will be a real literature. Everyone works because God gave him, and in the direction that it more suitable. Not so long ago I read your designated Mryya, some of his pieces sound very modern, and some grotesquely plan obsolete. I repeat, our present life exceeds the highest satire and grotesque all g
iperbaly. Best genre to this day — mixed. This is evident in the world literature, there is mixing of genres and forms, adprechvanne canons, unchanging new search. And our young literature, too, is in this stream. Time and literature puts your adjustments. "
Scoble"Vitebsk Regional branch of the Union of Belarusian Writers, which you head, once a year conducts literary contests, leads the party. Do you have an understanding with the authorities of Vitebsk? "
Sivko"We really, surprisingly, was not released tempo. Last year we spent two literary competitions dedicated to the anniversaries of Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas. We held a workshop of creative youth in Polotsk, which is very cool came out in Russian while similar seminars I do not remember. Now, I can boast, we are preparing to release a new version of the anthology "Dvina", to the end, he sees the light. With regard to relations with the authorities … When created another Writers’ Union, the Center was not consulted. And now our Vitebsk branch Belarusian Writers’ Union is self-sufficient. I do not consider it necessary to go to the authorities and ask for something. As said Swiss writer Robert Valzer: "The authority should not be the midwife of literature." However, he was referring to young writers, but in this situation his words can be attributed to the same literature. tempered man in difficulties. For example, I can write only in some extreme condition, then I better go out. We Vitebsk writers realize their plans, and using the methods and tools that can to find. And people who support us, more than fairly. "
Franz Sivko. Of new records
Ashes Pampei
From the terrible to the highest — one step. Ashes Pampei that chepitstsa while traveling to the legs, surprisingly, not only did not prygnechvae contrary — adds desire cleansed of mud. Desire sprinkle head that free as the wind on the corners of dilapidated houses, splashes and send to hell all empty, insignificant, unimportant. One step — in the long centuries of weird metamorphosis on the border now and yesterday, dream and reality.
Grandson Todor Klyashtorny
Often see him in the yard during pragulyanak near Vitebsk Southern market. From time to time we say hello from time to time — no, regardless of Meters between us on the sidewalk and conventional power generated by everyday concerns perseverance. Not even sure if he ever finds out I: Nearby seen only once, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his grandfather, Todor Klyashtorny conducted five years ago in the Literary Museum efforts Tadiyany poet’s daughter. Surprisingly, but every time I meet this balanced and, to all appearances, far from literary affairs of man, for some reason I feel in front of him some perplexity-vustsishnavatuyu awkwardness. As if something was guilty before him, and what exactly is that a misdemeanor — not administer to find an answer. And, it seems, in the end or not found. In the eyes of the prison inmate Todor shot in the book "Traces of roads", published by the way, in 2003, on the same street Volodarskogo Minsk, where the poet was held in 1937. In the eyes of "apostate homeland", whose poetic and civilian gift is not so little cost to himself and his family, and whose manifestations of human rage darkened eyes have not completely lost their own original naive uzroshchanaga bounties invisible parechanska-Lepelskoe land. So znyabozhanyh through torture and uncertainty of the future, and that through the decades were able to shock the reproach from mentioning the highest one you can only imagine for yourself man injustice. Tipo and which does not concern you directly, but the same uskalyhnutaya nespadevnym rendezvous with a descendant of the repressed, prick the temple well and overtake ripples serenely your doubts, and not nearly overshadowed nepamysnotami such as those Todor for everyday existence.
Train of life
"How can we leave this way?" — Said offended temporary departure beloved heroine of the movie "The Train Zhou Yu" and stepped toward treason. Where she was blinded in the first sense of life, to know that the inability to put together now and tomorrow will inevitably lead to her death. Tomorrow, whatever it may seem far-elusive inevitably becomes now, and that being able to make such pavolnasts metamorphosis can only be one who has even some, albeit naykurtaty experience from yesterday. Who exactly knows and perceives as a tribute that be now — it is also to be tomorrow with suitcase from yesterday.
Train life, hope wobbly on the verge of waking and imagination.

Joseph Yanushkevich. Unauthorized return

Wilna 1823-1824: Crossroads microprocessor | (Joachim Lelewel. Novosiltsov in Vilna; Ivan Loboyko. My Memoirs). Compiled Fyaduta A; introductory article comment: Lavrinets P. Reytblat A. Fyaduta A. — M.: Limarius 2008. — 244.
Passing month June came to our readers mere book-collection: "Vilna 1823-1824: Crossroads of memory." Is unusual in that it presents as a valuable and vivid memories of the evidence, one of the last pages naydramatychnaya Fatherland, written at different times by doctors Vilna Institute IL yes Ian Laboykam. Drama that was going on in our capital Vilnius davneshney: investigation launched Novosiltsev senator, completed the process of Philomath and Filaret, the actual pogrom Vilna Institute — the oldest educational institution in the lands majestically Duchy of Lithuania, and later in the Russian Empire. No wonder one of the first versions of the memoirs of LA had the headline "The war with the children of the king, or Navasiltsav in Vilnius." Yes, it was a war, fighting for our future, which is (are together!) Occupiers tried to take away from us. Without guns and bayonets, without buckshot crush, kill, maim alive souls collected on the ground …
Superfluous because in joining "Joachim Lelewel — witness and historian" process Philomath "composer Alexander Fyaduta emphasizes" suhasts and scientific "facts presented. For example, the icon, the memory of one of the 108-Philomath Filaret-effulgent — Cyprian Dashkevycha "Dashkevycha dedication put forward a historical science, that was his favorite subject was the main premise of his exile. Chamfered so hard blow, he courageously took it. Nobody in Lithuania during that universal grief could not compare him to calm the spirit … he throws on various roads of, until, in the end, he came to Moscow … From own donations made friendly fund, collected and sent to monetary assistance, became true soul and fun exile. Dashkevich Killed in Moscow December 10, 1829 own little collection, 3000 silver rubles, donated to the permanent Pansy own mother, after the death of pets that will have to give the money to someone schooling of poor students. In the end, wished that his body was transported to Vilnius. Governor Nikolai allowed to carry the dead remains of the deceased, which was done, but so far none of the living is not allowed to return to their native land. "
Not the least artistic price allocated memories are still 1st creator whose memoirs included in the collection, Dr. Ian Laboyki. That there is an icon of the ball reception at the Metropolitan Stanislav Bogush-Sestrentsevicha (pp. 117-119), where among the notable guests were declared "Bessarabian Governor General Bahmetsev Petersburg and commandant of the fortress of a bitch. And he and the other foot on the wood. Noticing that some guests at the meeting grin flickers, both gone. Metropolitan Bahmetseva conducted through all the rooms, and although there was then very weak, swiftly followed him. We all feared that he just do not slip on the floor. It would have cost him his life .. . "
Begun in the 1840s, their memories Laboyka Ya wrote, looking at the likely consequences "Nicholas resin": the era of the reign of Ni
cholas Palkina seemed endless. If the inside of the 1850s thaw domination Alexander II, only last Vilna doctor truthfully and carefully managed to write about the investigation of the occupation authorities, committed against "children," and the actual destruction of the Vilnius Institute. This truthfulness, related to art style, eventually allowed them to snatch taciturn ignorance, for almost 100 fifty years they have lain in archival Spratt.
Polish Institute in Minsk, which became the "donor" publications have contributed to the expansion of knowledge about our common historical past. About which, as assured pages of this collection, we almost do not know. Generally, you need to be Belarusians that so very hurt like crazy. Wine here and our writers of all generations. Since, as his hopes in the opening paragraph of their own memories, L., "Novosiltsev stay in Vilnius during the 1823-1824 academic year will be grateful and inexhaustible material for gistarynchyh stories and novels."
Well, even the modern Belarusian novelists write sweeter (for third-tenth together!) On Vilnius mistress of Napoleon than of suffering and izymatelstva transferred our forefathers of unquenchable faith in free and free future of the Fatherland.
Undisputed reverence deserves composer Alexander Publishing Fyaduta, whose scientific flair and artistic taste are not wrong, snatching several years ago in Warsaw antiques "Attikus" 8 Collected Works Volume I. Lelewel. Excellent, that it has leaned metropolitan A.Reytblat researcher, Dr. Ian preparing memoirs Laboyki attached to lyalevelevskih memories. Excellent that the efforts of the same A. Fyaduta we can now read and letters to Ya.Laboyki I.Lyalevelya survivors in securities Duties Jagiellonian Library in Krakow.
And how many more suffering the fate of desperate evidence of historical events awaits us in the silence of the archive!
Coincidentally at the time, that at the moment I had to read the memoirs of the opening of the memorial plaque-barelfu Adam Mickiewicz in Svyatayanavskim church in Vilnius, where the organizing committee for the celebration of the memory of the greatest genius came Litvinskiy and Frantisek Bogushevich whose signatures, autographs (perhaps the last of intravital) illegal views were destroyed. Memoirs are written in April 1900 the inhabitants of Vilnius Kazyuk Poniatowski (both lists are preserved in the archives of Vilnius and Wroclaw), wrote in Zakopane far because, as evidenced by K. Poniatowski, write them in occupied Vilnius affair was unsafe. Reading those memoirs, as well as memories Lelewel published in the November uprising enveloped in Warsaw in 1830, but a memoir by Dr. Ian Vilna Laboyki that arose in the past 13 years (1843-1856), first in St. Petersburg and then in Odessa), but and have not been completed, umatsovvaessya idea gistarychnasts each current moment, which later becomes irreversible that story, comprehend and find out that we so crave.
Because to be able to analyze the transience of life and substantial grain vyluschit — talent, this sensitive and wise people who deserve to be called later chroniclers Stories. Well, learn to comprehend the history of the motherland is never too late. Tags: Kovalevsky Yanushkevich, writer, Sivko

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