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Ales Pashkevich: "Complete Works BYKOVA STATE endless monument"

Though what the best monument to the writer his works have availability readers even more so, when it comes to scale such as the creator Vasil Bykov. June 22 was 5 years old, as a national writer left this world, but his creative archive continues to open the hidden folder in the plantation and floppy previously unknown works. When the expected output of the complete works of Vasil Bykov, who and how it is going to publish? These and other questions are answered by the chairman Valentina Aksak Union of Belarusian Writers Ales Pashkevich.
Valentine Aksak"The Emperor Alexander, in 2006, then started to go declared complete collection of folk writer Vasil Bykov Belarus. At the same time there are three volumes in the past year and three volumes. When to expect next?"

Ales Pashkevich"We understand that the publication of works such as the writer Vasil Bykov — it does not work 1 year and not even a single five-year period. ‘Cause now first task gets more high-quality presentation texts Vasily Vladimirovich, tekstalyagichnay reconciliations with appropriate extended commentaries, so that full art collection was not only a product of reading new generations of Belarusians, and a decent manual creativity researcher Vasily Vladimirovich.
Prepared the next two volumes, which should appear later this year. About that there is an agreement with the publisher capital "Time", and all have reason to monetary and creative temperament. "
Aksak"And as for the other volumes you still so confident yet not be able to tell?"
Paszkiewicz"In general, the edition of the complete works of folk writer — a job for the whole academic institution, and we must admit that more than prepared for the next print books, even more so with each passing month we, a small group of enthusiasts, it is a preliminary work."
Aksak"The question which therefore can not help but ask. Editor first 2-books Bykov -" Crane’s cry "and" third missile "- Vladimir Domashevich I read that he had a very hard time defending before the censors original texts. not always succeed, but after his book Bykov more censored, because of what the writer is very tormented. At Vladimir Domashevicha preserved Bykovskaya letters about this, sent another of Grodno. 1st piece of their quoted Vladimir Domashevich for our programs from "A Ballad (meaning" Alpine Ballad "- VA) book came out and picked abskubanay. Most things for which it was written, photographed. The second part of that is modified into its opposite. After the "Third missiles" I could not print anything in the state in which it is written. Editorial pencil picks on every page. " Here is the letter. Say, sire Alexander, in preparation for a complete collection of works you the uptake copyrights options, or put text in the form in which they were written, and that means — in censored form? "
Paszkiewicz"The Complete Works of Vasil Bykov should be endless monument to the writer. And because, as stated in the editorial introduction to the first volume, the database subsequent publications put principle or zvyaraem with author’s lifetime contributions, so to speak, paslyatsenzurnymi, which was able to influence Vasil after declaring independence in Belarus or zvyaraem with typing and manuscripts and first restore and style, and the idea of the writer. "
Aksak"Working in the private archive of the writer, or have all of his works previously unknown Commission found creative heritage?"
Paszkiewicz: "It is precisely this state can only pochetaemaya Ira M. Bykov. On this day in general is hard to understand the depth and magnitude Bykov archive. During the time elapsed after the death of the writer, spread all pranumaravats, explore the impossible, and so the editors collected works Bykov uniformly and conceptually refers to the consideration and investigation of archive Vasily Bykov. example, in one volume invested stories Vasily Vladimirovich, because intentionally working to research stories. When we get to journalism, then it will be comprehensively studied his journalistic legacy. And so on. "
Michas Tychina. Post bulls documentary MIRROR

Sergei Shapran. Vasil Bykov: The life story of the documents, publications, memoirs, letters. — Verb 2006 — № 25, 2007 — № № 26-31; 2008 — № 34

Michas TychinaJournalist Sergei Shapran zdeysniv what had to be done bykavaznavtsav team — namely, i gathered classify large, often not much available to researchers, the material life Bykov genius in the word.
We have before us the figure of Vasil Bykov on the background nature of the twentieth century, which sailed into the distance as the other saves.
In fact, it is about the disaster in the Russian writer i post-Soviet society, its daily war for the freedom to write what felt necessities of life, i wanted because. There were years of silence, when the Bulls prepared in the quiet little room pismennitskaga become the bulls that we admire so many decades. I have been years when the name of the writer was rising around the ninth wave psevdanarodnaga condemnation. Inspiravanyya idealyagichnymi departments CC i GB "kalektyvki" condemning Bykovskaya creativity, i before i Bykov alternately stubborn resistance to violence i fight for the opportunity to be a writer writer, occupying the entire central reversals, and right behind them i all other newspapers.
Smart i just ordinary people, of course, properly evaluated i took happening. But most of the writer’s hardly been easier. Spiritual i emotional support fellow writers i great friendship loyal readers, even such as support Alexander Twardowski, or spaznyalasya or was not much effective. But i thank you for.
Reading page after page usage this is real, numbering according to rough estimates as many as about 2,000 pages, unwittingly anew i especially acute worried drama time, which is NOT behind the Bulls, like tsverdilasya bykavafobami and 20 cohort tsimilennaya Bolsheviks gebistav i far greater army volunteer danoshchykav, snitches, vizhov civil. Bulls worked for the future — they last for a day, to oblivion and black entropy.
The book has an introduction, written by Gregory Baradulin. Explains own plan, purpose and objectives, details of searches and remembers he Sergei Shapran.
First mention of the popular book farewell to writer, emblem of an era in the life of Belarusians, which is based on documents and sets the reader coming to a corresponding perception of the book, which is based in the pain of loss.
Then the content is presented chronologically — from the birth of the writer, his steps becoming existential feelings of peace in times of collectivization in the people’s war and the war with the people. Name and figure Bykov stepped aging Belarusian national identity became a talisman belarushchyny. Belarusian literature in his face made a decisive step into the big world of European Christian civilization.
The book placed correspondence V. Bykov. Typical dialogue with Alexander Bykov Tvardovsky already placed in the capital journal "Problems of Literature." Creator happily managed to incite books on writing memoirs and mentions of Bykov such prominent people of our time, like Gorbachev, Yakovlev, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Aitmatov, R. Baklanov, Boris Vasilyev, L. Lazarev, V. Oskotsky , Alexiyevich, fellow-Grodno Karpyuk I., A. Petkevicha, J. Golub, politicians Navumchyk S., Z. Poznyak.
The book is already the third year are published in the journal "verb". Not the first year forward its publication. I am
impressed by the scale Huge i sacrificial work of Sergei Shapran, his dedication talent Vasil Bykov, his ministry truth i his faith in popular wisdom: all minetstsa, but the truth remains.
I think that in the history of the Belarusian resistance remain i the names of all those who one way or another, morally or materially contribute to the publication of books by Sergei Shapran — the "golden pen" Belarusian journalism.
Creators and works
Gennady Buraukin "Vasil Bykov was a man of great honor MOST"

Poet Gennady Buraukin contact Vasil Bykov long friendship, which lasted more than half a century, ever since the ’50s, when the Bulls had lived in Grodno. Poet has a book of memoirs about the bulls, which was released in 2004. Some kreski to Gennady Bykov portrait Buraukin added in communion with Misha Skoblo.
Michas Scoble"Gennady, in a subfolder you book" Our Bulls’ memoir presented eight 30 creators — from davneshnih Bykov and close friends to the doctor who tried to rescue him in Borovlyany clinic in June 2003. The book is not bad, but there is no reason or memoirs of the originator. "
Gennady Buraukin"It made deliberately in order that there was no reproach, say, the best component itself took place and nayprykmetnae. I did not want to leave and this memoir about Vasile later on. And I certainly write them. When I deposit the book" Our Bulls " I realized that my own memoirs razrastutstsa and will take more than a dozen pages. And I wanted him in the book was presented as more and more people. "
Scoble"A memoir remained at Bykov, who wanted to build for you in the book, but which for one reason or another it does not get in?"

Buraukin"This was. For example, I was very willing, that were in the book Memoirs of Chingiz Aitmatov. I called him a couple of times to Brussels, where he lived and worked then a writer. And he told me that is very willing to write about the Bulls." But, — says — I love and appreciate as a writer Vasil Bykov and personality that writing something compensation formal not want. And in order to write a thorough and deep, I need time. "He and I talked a couple of times, and is very durable. And I felt that he says heartily. But Aitmatov did not have time before the book to write a memoir. And not so long ago he left this world. And I do not even know he wrote his memoirs about Bykov or not. Maybe they lie somewhere in his archives and researchers expect. The book "Our Bulls" were supposed to be (according to the plan of the author) and memoir Nile Simonovic Gilevich. He refused to give them any reason " .
Scoble"I was fortunate to attend several meetings with readers Bykov — at the State Library in the Palace of Railwaymen. And at every meeting arose from their own places and people — blamed, thus, quite sternly, Bykov. Now I do not remember why. Have for you to be witnessed similar incidents? "
Buraukin"I can confirm that such was. From time to time I read malicious notes which sent Basil. Sometimes it criticized that he Tipo unfair offend army offend army commander. But still similar in my presence there was not so often. often at the meeting were people who appreciated Bykov, who shared his position in assessing the second world war, also in relation to other topics. "
Scoble"And these attacks are very traumatized Bykov?"
Buraukin"He was quite wise and experienced people in my life. He realized that many of these speakers before you come to meet him, held respectively briefing, they were prepared. And yet, of course, it was distasteful to him. Bykov silent never answered his offenders dramatically. He was above all that. He had his beliefs, he knew the war was it even crawled. And so was not afraid of any frivolous charges. But reproaches were not to his liking. He was a real person, as and all of us. "
Scoble"Last week, the public editor on our radio was Ryhor Baradulin. It read about modesty Bykov, that the Bulls are not loved to be in sight. And at the same time of the works dedicated to him, you can make the whole analogy. You also intended Vasily Vladimirovich several poems. how to respond to them Bulls? "
Buraukin"He never openly praised them not. But I beheld that he is nice. I beheld that he dearly not what the poem on his boast the address, and that I shared his position, realize it. I think that it was important for him. remember your own first dedicated Bykov poem, "The Ballad of the miners", written in the 60s, when he was still not a lot who dedicated works. He saw it, read it, called and thanked. More then did not say anything. And Ales Adamovich, writing album "Vasil Bykov," asked me this poem. He explained that "The Ballad of the miners’ of all dedicated to Vasily Bykov works like most. And add, that in the poem created grabbed something important in bulls, something for which he lives and writes. And if the Bulls celebrated septuagenarian anniversary, I typed in "flame" another poem. remember calling Bykov: "Gennady, dear, thank you to you for the poem, and even more for the realization that we have in our friendship and that there is in poetry." Gregory said that the Bulls was moderate. I would not give such properties. It was not modesty, it was the highest grade dignity. And this pride does not allow him to flaunt. Bykov, again, was a man of very superior human and literary pros. "
Scoble"There is a famous work of Sartre’s" wall "under the influence of which, I think, written Bykovskaya" Wall ". Sartre once saw: "My true pen will depict real words real things, then the devil himself and not hurt me to be real." Such here sartravski creative covenant fellow writers. And what is the main covenant Bykov? "
Buraukin"In truth. If God gave you a talent for (and Bulls was richly endowed with huge, rare talent), it is necessary that this talent to serve the truth. At the very ill and, at times, nasty sense. Bykov served the truth. He served truth if and when it thrashed inhumanly, and then when trying to smooth, planochka tried to win over to their side. It all listened, but never ever departed from that truth which he knew and which he served. "
Gennady Buraukin. Dedication Bykov
Ballad of minerals

20 years underneath unrelenting
Former soldiers disturb dreams …
Nightly get up and go on a mission
Guys miners last war.
Boots trample sagebrush rancid
I underripe ears.
Sniff each hump and hump
Minesweepers blunt noses.
It seems so long ago otshumela war.
Trenches overgrown grass …
A miner stroll uncertain
On the ground.
Miners feet staring warily:
Would not come in 20 years
An explosion or a friend of a helmet,
Pavylet punched.
It seems peaceful times
Belarus-independent —
Many neutral zone
I foreign occupation.
But all is not damped fight
I pain in wounds burns,
And on thy head
Again raven circling pack.
I battery intruders
Peel for you to direct fire —
I then
Who with a dark soul
I then
Who tinned pharynx.
Oh, how they hunt, sees God,
So you bent to the ground
I involuntarily fright
I started up the power of the bullet!
Their anger takes
What do you live
By winning the May drop
Not in a general dugout
And in a gravel trench closely …
So the pain and despair overpower
I rush in blindly
Get up to full height, Basil —
I let the enemy would be terribly! ..
Excuse me …
I’m sorry, Basil, for everything that moved:
The enemy inflicted wounds
For dirty spitting on television,
For tears Ushachy felled birches.
I’m sorry that all the days of his earthly
u looked bitterly involuntarily
In the memory of abandoned field
And hopes burned root.
I’m sorry for our nelitastsivy time
For quiet kananne native language,
Belated gratitude for the words
And affection spared in store.
Sad painful dreams
You’ll be forever imagining offspring.
I know — you all will forgive us.
But — if we can forgive ourselves? ..

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