In the House of Writers Sergei Zakonnikau, Pavel Morozov, Anna Kislitsyna

Crown: "No matter what the organization changes to limit"

In the Polish town of Wroclaw in the series "Library of Belarus" was a book Valentine Akudovich "Conversations with God." Essay writer, which in Belarus often called philosophy, cultural and even political scientist, in Polish and translated Galina Yang Maksimyuk. From the creator who dares to read the Almighty, ventured to engage in dialogue and Valentina Aksak.
Valentine Aksak: "The Emperor Morozov, our listeners are accustomed to, that your voice sounds quite often when something happens in the country. And at first — something in public and political life, while our colleagues Prague calling you to express their outlook over whether or another incident. Sami you sign their texts "philosophy, cultural and essayist." And in fact — who you himself? "
Crown: "Writer. And their texts in other words, I do not sign, journalists do."
Aksak: "The audience that attended nedavneshnih Swedish-Belarusian literary meetings in honorable company and saw you — specifically, as a writer. How do you feel in this role?"
Akudovich: "Indeed, probably the first time I performed on stage as a writer. During the last years I had very often act on a variety of activities as a philosopher, literary theorist, literary critic, and that’s the first time I’ve been in the skin of those I usually either imagined or criticized. And you know, I liked it. I realized that being a writer is much more comfortable and easy than to be who I was before. reprinted I own several essays that head of the Swedish Embassy in Belarus Stefan Eriksson translated into Swedish language, and later I went out and read them. Especially since it was very nice to speak in the midst of professional Swedish and Belarusian writers. We scoured the whole of Belarus and read their texts. "
Aksak: "Thus salting Sweden saw in the face of Valentine Akudovich absolutely not the one who usually notice Belarusians. I keep the book "Conversations with God", published in Wroclaw in Polish translation. It seems that foreign publishers really like your essays. "
Akudovich: "I confess, along with the translation of" Conversations with God "in Polish began Lithuanian translation of my book" The absence codes ", it is converted to one of the major European languages. While I can not say to which and in what country, as there The situation is not sufficiently transparent, and I’m afraid to jinx it. "
Aksak: "It turns out that the graduate Institute of Literature in Moscow bitter (I think it was the only institution where taught in the former Russian Writers Union) eventually engaged in what was trained."
Akudovich: "Here there was a history of weird. All the same, I am a child and later dreamed of being a writer. And started out as a writer. Later thinking attracted me and totally repressed writer in me. And in a period when she fell asleep thinking, here’s this kid who dreamed of being a writer jumped out of me, maybe to make up for the enormous offense, which was due to the fact that I went the wrong way, which he had dreamed. "
Aksak: "So maybe the writer Akudovich eventually come to some professional group of writers? How do I know before you are not a member of any literary organization, which is in Belarus. Such single writer."
Akudovich: "At one time, perhaps, what I wanted to become a member of the Writers’ Union. But later I realized that any organization, even if it is not political, you still limits. Whether you like or do not like, once you have received a charter of the organization, you should stick with it, if you are honest and sincere person. "
Aksak: "You reject the sense of corporate solidarity?"
Akudovich: "As a citizen, I do not reject feelings. For me, there are ethical, public and other valuables, and for them I am ready to fight as a citizen. Ready, if you like, go to the barricades, albeit in a metaphorical sense, we have many years of marking time for those barricades. But in the realm of creative, mental any restrictions for me — it’s limitations. "
Aksak"One of the works that Stefan Eriksson translated into Swedish, and that you have read during the mentioned Swedish-Belarusian meeting was an essay that you wrote on the order of our radio. This means that somehow restricted format for you. It turns out that you have set for ourselves in this situation disagree. "
Akudovich: "Although I wrote, with the eyes of a specific format, where I gave in full for yourself will."
Aksak: "Thank you, sire Morozov, and we can, remembering the joke about the Belarusian who came with marriage hungry because there was no compulsion to come up with the latest literary transmission to force Valentine Akudovich write for her new essay, and listeners of Radio Liberty delight to listen to them."
Creators and works
Sergei Zakonnikau ‘own grandchildren teach one commandment — do not be afraid! "

Sergei Zakonnikau he was awarded the Belarusian Association of Journalists "Free Speech" — for his journalism. And he educates grandchildren and is preparing to publish three new books immediately. On the question of the charming creative form and started a conversation with the poet Misha Scoble.
Michas Scoble: "Sergei, I remembered a poem dedicated to you Baradulin Gregory:" The mood became as on tiptoe — and zvyakue. Above the lake at Glybachki cuckoo cuckoo. "What I remember — you are always in a good creative tone, never lowered hands. And what is needed to mood uveschasna" pryvznimavsya on tiptoe "?"
Sergei Zakonnikau: "Ever since young I love to work — and on a physical level, and on paper, as happened in my life. When I write, I’m recovering, I’m fine, I am pleased, but I’ve never shied away from and the physical work. So I taught my ancestors" .
Scoble: "Once your artwork removed from the school applets, invite you to speak to school?"
Lawyers: "Fortunately for me, I was very often invited to speak. Our people, I wish to pay tribute to them, intelligent, they behold the situation, draw their own conclusions. And in the vast majority — to stand for justice. Where can they corrected those who are not savvy itself that gets up. How can strikeout whole cohort of our amazing writers who was expelled from school applets?, many ordinary people do not understand, and are invited to the meeting. Moreover, in the near future they have not diminished, but has increased. "
Scoble: "June 19 celebrated the birth day of Vasil Bykov. On days are in one of Minsk book publishers will" live up to greenish grass "- correspondence Bykov Rygor Baradulin. I know that you copied and Vasil Bykov. Going to publish his correspondence you?"
Lawyers: "No, not going to. Letters Bykov me not so not enough to make some thorough publication. But I will let me use the letters addressed to other people who have the actual research and creative way Vasily Vladimirovich. I do not sit like a dog in the manger on the fact that I have, which is associated with the name of our well-known writer. And I was very grateful for the Vasil Bykov correspondence. He wrote to me not only about the publishing business, the publication of his own works in the "flame", where I was almost sixteen years was the main editor. Letters question about literature and life, our Belarusian. Well, for example, that the Bulls from Finland wrote in a letter dated February 4, 1999: "For nine months, as we have in a foreign land. Overall — excellent. For studies in literature, even excellent. Hearty, warm, comfortable. And sometimes — not the 1st call for the day. But the more I come to the concl
usion that you need to live at home. So it was only maybe. "On this subject he vorachivaetsya and in another letter, dated 5 kastychnika 2000, now in Frankfurt-am-Main," better at home. Naturally, for those who have human home. (And the word "human" — underlined. — SS) We do not have it. A case for bloodless in the world — of course, what they are. "And I really think about these words, they say they have a lot."
Scoble: "In the near future on various literary events you with his grandson Francis, who at the age peradshkolnym. Either do not be afraid Frantsishkavy father, grandfather grandson not bring up because you need? Here Are they for you quite davyarayutstsa?"

Lawyers: "Well, if I have brought up their daughters as they have, then I think that the daughters with measured soul can trust their own kids this grandfather. I teach granddaughter and grandson of one commandment:" Do not be afraid! "I remember how my father taught me this rudeness. We went with him to the forest to collect firewood or logs on, when the house was built. I was still small. And stralyavali forest fire extinguished, about which basked with the forester, took the carts and left. Passing with pavkilyametra father stops horse and recalls: "Son, we have forgotten the same ax campfire, run fetch." And here he sits with the forester on the truck and waits. And I’m running through the night and watch the woods, with his head at the starry sky. And all around — the various forest sounds … Scary! But tripping over Kokorina, run up, find an ax and bring the wagon. And the father says, "Good for you! Sit down, let’s go. "So he brought up my courage. And I also wish that my grandchildren in this life, nothing and no one feared. I wish that they were good, smart, that they were treated with respect for all people. And to relatives small that surrounds them, and to the large kindred that is called by the Belarusian people. "
Scoble: "What is currently on your desk? What books to read and to write the manuscript?"
Lawyers: "My long-term reading and writing brought my vision is not in the best condition. But despite the setback with the eyes, I strongly many read and write.’s Has recently opened itself good French writer Anna Kavalda. Her novels have been translated into languages of the world June 30, films are shot on them. Like her prose for the love of a man for naziralnasts creator, depicting life and with tears and with laughter. And I’ll try and own journalism and poetry follow the life and express it so that it was heartily and understood people. Currently I am busy preparing for the press immediately 3 new books of poetry and journalism, I hope that they will come out this year. "
Sergei Zakonnikau. With the future books "DOL"
Here and rattles …

Grim! Undercover yeast pronimae peoples —
Mobutu Blagodatnoye hvilya nadhodit …
Ivan Franko
Here and rattles …
And you know districts quiet.
Just stir the shade
Courage images.
Will pregnant
So many centuries, giving birth
Hooks in fruitless battles
Fatherland May.
Here and rattles …
There, proud sprinkled blood
Phantom of freedom
Rapidly increasing flesh.
Fate calls on slaves
Join the ranks of the soldiers:
"Take off the yoke
I forward sacrificially out! "
Here and rattles …
A local choke pain.
Those Days, shot horror
In the abyss fly …
God, when are we going to shelter
Coveted freedom
Because my mom your precious child?
Here and rattles …
Want to live there.
Great division
What we century 20th first brought
Not counting the heat, rain, powder?
Very fruity, almost uzasos
Again, power and means to kiss.
Clamps peoples loop
Crooks radial bail.
What on earth, under the earth,
They pick up, no need to divide the very.
Madness debauchery, silly slope
Incremented. I it — not evening.
Imagine how they dole
Pockets on raspihvayuts eternity.
Slides over the heresy of acrid smoke
I seem to have sky with ovchinka …
Watches angrily for all
Whoever animal speech and actions.
In the wards feasting Athene
Yes laugh with soul gift ….
And over the world truly is:
"Earth to earth,
Remains to ashes,
Dust to dust … "
Beloved quick glance
Addressable throw her eyelashes,
And later decently taciturn
Touched by the hand of a blizzard.
Snowflakes adsvechvayuts happiness
I any, as if alive.
Whole as cross wrist
What swims past me.
Havent answer the question:
"And what did it at a fraction on the bottom?"
All adbalits and melted,
Like snow in the tender palm.
My age reached the brink of such,
Which does not help hope …
While crust years
Need to live with dignity,
Yes hard to find:
Where am I?
So omerzeli horror and nytstse community
Zatsyaganasts of old scenery …
I do not want to relish the last time wandering to nowhere
Innocents sassy obey.
Lowercase optimism comforting gift
Of weird effect occurs —
In the past I have long gone,
In everyday too …
So where am I?
I’m already there …
First offense trustingly all excuse,
Yourself without waiting for certain amnesties.
I’m already there,
Where there is no heresy or despair,
Where the soul so freely in the quiet radiant …
The meaning and significance of life remain a mystery …
Maybe this is the sovereign grace?
Sentence those who wished to judge and command,
Not terrible,
Pranizlivasts than his confession.
In the past one leg — now
And behind him — a world
That loom weaving dreams …
No innuendo or gossip will not catch me …
I’m already there —
The mist,
For a distant mountain.
Anna KISLITSYNA. Pahadzhane: nenarodnye Book

Vasil Bykov. Pahadzhane. Logvinov 2008. 500 copy., 176 pages.
In the late ’80s, when meeting with real writers were still illegal and even said hello, I happened to be at the Palace of Railwaymen.
Readers crammed full house — played the Bulls. I will not retell that read, looked like. Remember more. Bykov, after that Belarus nor with any subject should not trade instrument, stood a young godkov May 20 and from its own place among the audience rushed to teach the writer … Say, do not you realize the economic benefits that will give Belarus such bargaining … Bulls snapped: "Maintain trade death — sin." A man jumped up and jumped all: "No, you do not realize …"
Not so long ago, remembered the meeting — when read as a young politician announces a strategic need for the construction of a nuclear reactor. Another breed of "you do not realize" …
Every time before the next Bykovskaya date, I realize with horror — he did not read. Announced at a hundred voices, brilliantly analyzed Misha and Sergey Tichina Dubovcy he went unheard particularly those for whom he worked. Remained unread time most popular works — Bykovskaya parables from the book "Pahadzhane" which he called it "tales of life", the modern parables for adults, the pamphlets …
Written on the pages of "Nasha Niva" in the late ’90s, they were a real breakthrough Belarusian literature. They discussed, collected painstakingly cutting out newspaper pages, they would save a heart, going to rallies and marches, but they did not accept, as the desire for action. Even skeptics and warning Bykov seemed shy "diversion schemes of the worst that can wait an unreasonable man and foolish people." Were those who read that their "policy obviously much policy malehankih kids."
At this point, since when they were written 10 years have passed, of course, that the children were deaf malehankih readers. After the gloomy predictions Bykov implemented once a day before our eyes, picking up speed and magnitude apocalyptic
, paralyzing the will … People manifested not only dumb, like a fairy tale "Three words dumb", and deaf. But not so late deaf, who after the death of the oppressors could shout and pryhvasnyam classy "That you are dead!" And those who are able to one-hush demagogic "Be razlyubeznaya ever die" … Over 10 years of a deaf-mute people was heavy, prykarmivshysya as vutsiny herd was going to warmer climes, but failed to overcome the desire to fill crop meal in large quantities supplied him goszavod through concrete pipe … But in vain and legkazdabytae is always a trap …
"We spent the night at this point in cramped hole, once in the morning and found that dymoprovody that protrude away from the snow-covered hill, did not smoke. Ducks That is not very scared. Feared as they felt in the water, that the concrete pipe does not leak anything. Ducks did not know that it ruined the plant and the pipe did not act. Like everything else at the factory. A narrow polynya meanwhile grew. akanchalna While the ice did not sleep with the banks.
… As spring came again and tired flock of geese, cranes and ducks began vorachivatsya from far south, they found the lake backwaters not any. "
One can only speculate hypothetically, why not become Bykovskaya prypavastsi zeal for action … Because mental deafness abachlivastsi state, genetic fear of freedom. Incidentally, all these properties Belarusian Bulls painstakingly dissect, artistic detail and resolved into components and inhuman presented and enjoyable instead of the usual "hard work" and "tolerance." Or maybe because of the circumstances impartial — changed generation. Those who read the "Our cornfield" in the 90s changed younger who have not heard of Bykovskaya "fairy tale life" because thousand copies of the book "Pahadzhane" first edition of which appeared in the series "Dawn" in 1999 year — a drop in the devyatsimilennay Belarus. books and in Minsk was impossible to find, not to mention deaf abyasknizhanyya village. And yet the Belarusian intelligentsia book beheld, beheld and read, but did not understand, for example, conventional truth — it is not necessary to impose Membership of cat and mouse …
"Cat all looked around, as if what zhdya and mouse motionless lying on the floor and thinking. Speculate about justice. All the same, the way the world is unfair when some being strong and sassy, and other feeble and cowardly. Weak and self-conscious life is bad, and, for sure, because they are fussing about fairness, kindness and compassion. Yeah strong pay no attention to it. A true, strong sympathy for what? Stout need more forces because the force of power gives. And that’s doing a poor muscles in any not completely perakushany nape?
But the cat did not terrible, even beautiful — and muzzle, and antennae, though for what it licked? What it means?
I suddenly cat started, slanting eyes looked toward the near porch. Mouse quieted all his small little body — on the porch, menacing arching tail, cat coarse animal face was terrible, he probably already saw the cat away from the unfortunate mouse. The cat, of course, horrified firmly hapnuli teeth under his arm and rushed mugs.
There she finished off the poor mouse together, the last of which was the idea: excellent, that they may be saved from the cat.
Mouse to the end remained optimist. "
Following the current negotiations and creative inteligetsyi authorities recall that mouse-optimist … But she, like her, vsekrete hope — and maybe everything will suddenly become smarter, understand Bykovskaya lessons reread … Just why would it — that little first edition fell exactly twice. People book Belarusians did not become a desktop …

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