In the next 2 years will be worse with the testing

"These tests have not been specific expertise not taken appropriate measures to bring these issues tests in accordance with school programm. On present day schools are not ready to be tested, and because most of the students should contact the tutors. "
Views on sovereign Mackiewicz, testing showed marriage communication between the various units of the 1st departments — the Ministry of Education. Analysts they say and write about it long ago, but they did not listen.
"I think that in the next two years everything will be even harder. Then there will be confusion with the programs in connection with the cancellation of 12 yrs. In some schools missed entire classes and canceled certain courses … It would be a disaster toddlers that is programmed control errors Ministry of Education. "
Sovereign Mackiewicz skeptical and self tests as a method of determining the properties of knowledge.
"The idea of testing knowledge very controversial. Tests used in the U.S. since the 1920’s, many generations of students have passed through it. But in the 1970s there began a wave protests test system, and some states have abolished them, forbade them as inappropriate for you about the human and imperfect. Still no test is made so that it had a 100 percent certainty. Sophisticated tests are valid only 75-80 percent. "
Although led to specific myagenkoy Mackiewicz acknowledged that tests have dignity and, more specific and independent of taste and business educators.
Vladimir himself Mackiewicz would recommend Belarus to join the modern global trends in this area:
"It would be quite take all comers at universities and competitive examinations only be carried out at the more popular schools. In All other accept the results of the contest certificates and do screenings in the first and second years of teaching. "Tags: testing

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