In the quest for 50 votes tyschami

On this "Radio Liberty" is now said Joint civilian favorite games Anatoly Lebedko. This is the party currently presides over the UDF.
"We want to create a group of 500-600 volunteers — says Lebedko. — We believe that especially intensively will work nedavneshnie candidates for the House of Representatives and their teams. To collect as many people on the constituent assembly, it is necessary a large hall. And it will be a test for the authorities. If they Actually ready for dialogue, it should give us a corresponding place. "
The opposition wants to make the Electoral Code three significant changes. In 1-x, provide members political parties, participating in the elections, automatic access election commissions. In 2-x, generally either cancel As the last aggressively regulate the function of early voting. And in-3, significantly expand the rights of observers, especially during the vote count.
Belarusian legislation anticipates that the implementation of such initiatives must first collect least 50 thousand signatures of people from Belarus.

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