In the U.S., the purpose of commenting on Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s union

No official statement on this point, the experts who have given comment agency expressed uncertainty whether yesterday’s destination sign of genuine political rapprochement is ordinary or formality. According to the views of the Director of the Russian branch of the South American Enterprise Institute, Leon Aron, Lukashenko is trying to move closer to Russia because of the problems in the economy and U.S. sanctions. "If Lukashenko wishes to remain in power, he should do he desires Putin "- said the emperor Aron.
Salting U.S. to Belarus Karen Stewart, who in March was obliged to go to Washington for consultations on request Belarusian authorities, said in an interview with Associated Press, that the United States would wait until the findings. She highlighted that the United States "against at least some union between the former Soviet countries, which is created by excluding people’s ideas." "We have no complaints about the integration of the states, if it occurs on a voluntary basis, if this integration is mutually beneficial and does not prevent a rapprochement with the wider range of states," — said the U.S. salting.
Post of chairman of the Supreme Council and Chairman of the Council of Ministers Allied countries were introduced after the signing of the 1999 agreement Russia and Belarus "On Union State. " Since the post of chairman of the Supreme Council held constantly Alexander Lukashenko, Union Council of Ministers and control — the current Russian prime minister. For example, Viktor Zubkov was appointed chairman of the Russian government on September 14 last year, and October 15, 2007, he, like at the moment Putin was appointed chairman of the government Allied countries. Same Chan previously held this position, Misha Misha Kasyanov and Fradkov.

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