In the United States launched the destroyer DDG-1000 «Zumvelt»

In the United States launched the destroyer DDG-1000
In the U.S., the shipyard «Bath Iron Works» of «General Dynamics’ in Bath (Maine) October 28, was launched on the head last generation destroyer DDG-1000» Zumvelt »(Zumwalt), ARMS-TASS reports
Originally ritual descent of the ship on the water was appointed in mid-October, but due to the temporary suspension of funding the U.S. government had to postpone the descent on October 28.

Head ship DDG-1000 «Zumvelt» got its title in honor of Admiral Elmo Russell Zumvelta, who began his service in the Navy destroyer «Robinson» during the second world war, and distinguished himself in the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

Destroyers like «Zumvelt» created to provide fire support in landing operations and warfare in the coastal areas, the application of missile and artillery attacks on ground targets, including deep in enemy terrain. An important task will be to ensure zonal air and missile defense AMG.

To ensure stealth technology implemented on the ship «stealth» in the highest amount that gives him a chance to kill at least some plane its anti-aircraft missiles to the ship is guaranteed to be found by plane. Stealth is achieved through the introduction of the newest arhitektuy hull form «Slotted wave» integrated single unit superstructure, etc.

Building of ships of this project began in February 2009 Head — Zumwalt (DDG-1000) laid in 2010 by the GCC Northrop Grumman Ship S. in Peskagola, 2nd — Michael Monsoor (DDG-1001) on CVD GD Bath Iron Works in g.Bat. Putting them on line, expected in 2014-2015. In 2012 construction began funding the third destroyer. In 2002, serial ship price was estimated at 0.8-1 billion dollars, and in 2008 the price of the lead ship — to 2.8 billion dollars in the current time, the price of the lead ship is estimated at 3.5 billion dollars

Total displacement is 14,564 tons, the maximum length — 182 m, width — 24 m, draft — 8.4 m Power GEM — 104 tys.l.s. full speed — 30 knots, cruising range — more than 10 crew — 142 people.

Aircraft Armament — two MH-60R helicopter or 1 MH-60R and 3 UAVs. Missiles — 2 group universal vertical launchers (UVLM) fore and aft, 80 SLCM «Tomahawk». Air defense system presented SAM type Standard, Standard SM-2MR/2ER Zour in UVLM. ASW system — launch ASROC torpedoes in UVLM.

Feature «Zumvelta» is that it has a highly automated control systems. If a standard destroyer crew size is about three hundred people, the degree of automation «Zumvelta» allows the ship to manage only 142 crew members.

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