In the US-Iranian confrontation entered robots

In the US-Iranian confrontation entered robots
Since the beginning of this year, the confrontation between the United States and Iran deteriorated significantly. West continues its policy of tightening sanctions against Tehran, inside the South American countries are often possible to hear calls to use military force against Iran. The Iranian government responded to nedavneshnego time only that conducted large-scale military exercise in the Persian Gulf.

Confrontation between with 2 states in its own database has not only differences in the positions on the Iranian nuclear applets. In fact, these contradictions even deeper. It is not only in the sight of the differences with respect to non-standard problems of security that applies to nuclear proliferation, and discrepancies regarding who should be transferred power in the Middle East. The Iranian government at all costs try to consolidate its position in the Gulf, but America with Israel fear that in this case, their interests in the region will be prejudiced because with his own hand in every way try to contain and suppress Tehran.

Together with those in recent years, Iran has significantly increased, and firmly entrenched in the Middle East geopolitics. It was perhaps due to the possibility for development and research in the field of missile and nuclear technology, and construction aviakosmonavtiki warships. Confirmation of development could be the fact that not so long ago, Iran seized South American drone that shows all its military power grows.

At the beginning of this year, the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization made a statement that the country was produced nuclear fuel rod reactor, which shows continued progress on the Iranian nuclear industry. On nedavneshnih exercises have been tested and new missiles. These results could not be achieved even by States of the Middle East who waste big money to buy U.S. military hardware and weapons.

Historically, that the Middle East region has been considered a strategic principle for America, because the main objective of the Yankees here boils down to, to prevent the rise of large countries. And Iran, where tightly joined politics and religion, have caused great concern the United States. And that’s why in a long time, States have resorted to all probable ways and methods to deter Tehran. But neither one of them was not quite valid, that the Iranian government has obeyed. There was only a soldier.

Currently, no configurations toward resolution of the US-Iranian conflict on nuclear programs from no. Because Iran has put forward a danger Yankees would shut the Strait of Hormuz, which is very important for the U.S., so this is the only way out of the Persian Gulf. In turn, Washington replied that launched the 10’s underwater bots, the main task of which is to search and destroy minefields Iranians.

Tehran has in its own fleet of over 200 mines, which actually completely install using submarines and boats. If they are all the same will be installed, the movement in the Strait is absolutely paralyzed, and clearance waters will need more than one month. States believes that SeaFox bots will not only effective in the search for and destroy the mines, and interfere with the work of Iranian submarines.

It is worth noting that earlier similar technologies are not used — more sverhtehnologichnym way to combat mines were dolphins, who taught at a special program there, and used the naval forces of the United States in the conflict with Iraq.

Botha made a few modifications. Belongs to a class of unmanned underwater vehicles, SeaFox run German company Atlas Elektronik. Small size and weight (only 1.2 meters and 45 kg) makes the likelihood of their transportation to the dive site with helicopters, boats and even rubber dinghies small sizes. The greatest depth, which can sink the boat, is about 300 meters, the speed of the water achieves 11 miles per hour. A batteries allow continuous operation under water about a half hour.

In addition, each unit SeaFox resettled additional equipment, namely, underwater camera, an explosive charge and sonar. Connect a surface vessel by means of fiber-optic cable through which the robot and control.

Bots were initially developed for Tipo research underwater world, but always for their own existence nor even some of them did not return after the successful execution of the job. Note that the successful execution of the job is considered, which is destroyed in the process of the underwater mine, and with it, respectively, and a bot. For all this his price is 100 thousand dollars …

Not counting bots SeaFox, Americans also have in their possession minesweepers and helicopters for reconnaissance. Recall, a little earlier, Christopher Harmer, who led the planning center operations naval forces of America, made a statement that the tonnage Iranian submarines represent a great danger for the South American fleet, so they can be distributed throughout the waters of the Persian Gulf, and in fact find them unreal. Because Iran and can use them to strike at the right moment.

And meanwhile, the Iranian government does not want to retreat. This is evidenced by the fact that his committee on international policy and national security was designed bill that overlap divined the Strait of Hormuz to tankers deliver oil to support sanctions against Iran country. This is a kind of response to those sanctions imposed by the European Union against Tehran. And by the way, is delivered through the strait about 40 percent of oil worldwide.

In addition, Iran is almost defiantly refused days of proposed U.S. humanitarian assistance after the earthquake occurred.

The Iranian government has expressed confidence that the Americans made a similar proposal is not out of the goodness of the spiritual.

While it remains unclear whether this will be able to irreconcilable antagonism be allowed without the outbreak of hostilities, but the fact that the course went underwater bots exactly says that the world is entering an era in the latest conflict resolution.
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