In Vecherki th Pashkevich apologized for the detention

Misha PashkevichFranak could say "Freedom", they want to express with Misha their worldview about cancellation of privileges, Registration public associations and other qualities of domestic policy.
15:00 Franak Vyachorka and Misha Pashkevich while held in the foyer of the building. Forbade them to use mobile phones.
16:00 Franak Vyachorka and Misha Pashkevich brought to the police Central district of Minsk. Franak Paul said he heard from police negotiations that can make their protocols for disorderly conduct.
18:30 Franak Vyachorka and Misha Pashkevich released from the Central police station of the capital. Managing management asked their forgiveness for what they were arrested and kept in police custody.

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