Incidents require a change of the favorites in the opposition

"Michalevic practically expelled from the party for defamation and pluses of certain officers. This motive forces to draw parallels. Unfortunately, it is a reflection of the situation that exists in the ruling elite, and that applies to everyone who has the courage to criticize the Belarusian head of the country. On my eyes, this is unacceptable, a narrowing of democracy among the democratic party structures. "
According views A. King, overcoming the crisis in the party structures asks openness and frank discussion in the ranks of the BNF and the opposition coalition in general.
Hurt believes that the BNF has fundamentally disagreements over the unity of the party and the entire opposition on certain principles and a certain personality.
In addition Sovereign Lord believes that specific incidents require a change of generation is following in the opposition, but decided this problem very painful, because the older generation of politicians have nowhere to go.

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