Increasing U.S. pressure on Russia on the Iranian and Syrian issue

Increasing U.S. pressure on Russia on the Iranian and Syrian issue
Russian Federation, along with countries such as Syria, Iran, North Korea, Belarus, another year will remain on the list of threats to U.S. national security. On August 17, President Barack Obama extended the act FZ «On the international Emergency Economic Powers» (IEEPA). According to him, Washington can produce control of almost the least what economic transactions with the property «threatening» foreign country to impose a ban on them, create freeze accounts and confiscation of assets.

Our homeland is in this list since 2000. Inclusion of our country in this list was made in order to prevent the export of uranium supplies that are available to the Russian Federation. In accordance with the South American law on all assets and property of, that are relevant to nuclear facilities, also to programm for highly enriched uranium, is detained. Such a measure is necessary to ensure compliance with the agreement between Russia and the United States from 1993, which is understandable as the HEU.

Under this agreement provides for irreversible processing Russian HEU (highly enriched uranium) to LEU (low enriched uranium) for the realization of deliveries to the South American nuclear power plants as fuel. This agreement will be in effect until next year. According to her, provided five hundred tons of processing weapons-grade uranium. Implementation of the agreement is through a system of contracts, the profits of which completely enters the Russian budget.


As interpreted, «Rosatom», the seizure of property is a safeguard against jeopardizing the contract if there trial and arrest of a third party.

Meanwhile, lurking in the IEEPA and other threats to Russian Federation — South American federal law may trump the United States in the situation that is developing around Syria. Under this law, a crime is also a violation of trade sanctions, which are introduced in America against any country. It is clear that such sanctions act against Syria and Iran, which continues to produce Our homeland cooperation, despite the advice coming from the white houses.

Not so long ago entered the information that bureaucrats Syrian President Assad intended means of large Russian banks perform minimization of losses from European and U.S. sanctions on its oil transactions and cash transactions. All this explains why the Western countries have difficulties in imposing effective sanctions against the Syrian regime: it will last until such time as control of Syria cooperates closely with Russia.

Russian Federation as a whole is critical of the «unilateral» approach of the West to resolve the situation in Syria and strongly inhibits the sanctions against it in the UN. So, our homeland, coupled with China has blocked three times the resolution developed by the Security Council, providing for additional measures against the Syrian government headed by Bashar al-Assad and indirectly opens the possibility of military intervention.

After that Western countries began to speak with angry accusations of the address of Moscow, Washington also threatened to bypass the Security Council, which, in his view, failed in his own critical agenda puzzle.

2 August it was reported on the resignation of Kofi Annan as Special Representative of the UN and the Arab League (League of Arab States) to resolve the Syrian conflict. He talked to him, that his departure from the premise of this post is missing the support of the world community in the successful continuation of this difficult mission, also appeared split in the international society, complicating the work. After that professionals have read about the failure of the Syrian peace plan.

August 3 UN General Assembly adopted the «recommendatory» resolution on the withdrawal of troops from the territory of Syria. But we need to see that the implementation of resolutions of the General Assembly is optional because, according to observers, the main purpose of such resolution was, of course, show up in the light of unprofitable Moscow and Beijing, rather than suspend the bloodshed in Syria.

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