Inevitability of punishment has become a practice

Human rights activist, longtime manager of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Tatiana Protko believes that in the case of arrest Radovan Karadzic international community has shown most importantly — the inevitability of punishment for the crime before humanity:
"In the history of mankind inevitability of punishment for a long Time wasand dream. Democratic regimes based on the fact that people are punished not aggressive, but inevitably. And in international relations concerning those people, Offenders who were bolshennymi, it’s not always worked. And specifically, the twentieth century was a turning point in history when it’s the inevitability of punishment has become a practice.

In principle, no one wants his blood, because the blood spilled quite in the land. But it is important that there is the inevitability of punishment

The first time it assured the Nuremberg Trials, when the country together led to criminals before humanity and punished them. Then just and this was brand new formulation as a sin against humanity. For a long time many people were skeptical of this rule states that all this political maneuvering, they say, there is no inevitability of punishment. But the third millennium proves skeptics inevitability of punishment has existed as an international norm. And This is the meaninge is not fundamentally as further fate of Karadzic — not for him personally, and for the people. In principle, no one wants his blood, because the blood spilled quite in the land. But very principle, that the inevitability of punishment exists. There is the reality. "

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