Inhabitants from the street again protested Gamarnika

They determined ways impending struggle and decided to invite to the meeting of deputies. To fight for their rights, ACTIVITIES occupants opened their own web site on the Web -. gamarnika.orgThis was said at a meeting of one of the inhabitantsGleb Roubanov

"It also personal initiative. Just a pressing need to collect all the information in one place and so it was easy to access, because if the 1st one has unsubscribe, the other — the other, someone still has some pieces and you need to collect all of this together, and because wedid itt website. Website, by the way, open the publication. "
Meeting did not prevent even a downpour and thunderstorms. Inhabitants they say that the general urban development plan of this building is not. And when it appears on the site of the playground, it will block access to the freshest air.
Outraged inhabitants decided to bring 5 new collective letters of imperative structures, including the prosecutor’s office and the State Control Committee. They say that started construction began without discussion with residents and conducted a number of violations. And require access to all the documents for re-examination. The letter stated that the construction of the house is Tipo overpriced room, but the land was assigned without an auction. One of the residents of the house said:

Inhabitants elected responsible for entrances and decided to invite another meeting the House of Representatives and the Minsk City Council and Goloburda Crook. On behalf of the inhabitants of them turned and first deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front party, Vintsuk Vyachorka
which is now made at the meeting. He mentioned that earlier, in 1992, the Minsk city executive committee has already found impracticable construction here (though was thenand members of the BPF).

Inhabitant, Leo Rodionov
who found the truth by sending a telegram to the head of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, it is not found and believes that now is only one way out: "On the basis of these letters fails, as my grandmother says servant — servant and Pan — malaria. And it remains one now — apply to the authority for Human Rights ". Tags:, Vyachorka, BPF, Minsk, Gamarnika

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