«Irkut» continues to test UAV proprietary

Flight tests of the modernized «drones» «Irkut-3» and «Irkut-10» complexes unmanned aerial reconnaissance, surveillance and monitoring will end in the fall, said a source in the military-industrial complex.
«Around October of this year is planned to finish flight tests modernized» drones «» Irkut-3 «and» Irkut-10, «- said the representative of the CMO.
He added that the modernization of the «drones» «Irkut-3» and «Irkut-10» is to increase flight time and improving the properties of the transmitted image.
«As a result of the modernization of both types of flight time» drones «to increase by approximately 20%,» — said the source.
«Irkut» Tests UAV continues its development (pictured UAV «Irkut-10»)
He recalled that in 2011 as the lead developer and manufacturer of unmanned aircraft systems have been completely transferred to the company «Irkut Engineering.»
Motivated load «Irkut-3» consists of three interchangeable optical systems — television, thermal and photo. From the perspective of «Irkut-3» is scheduled to make a single «drone» «Irkut-10» automatic control system, a single ground system and a unified system of learning to work with these systems.
«Irkut-3» has a launch weight of three kilograms. To «Irkut-3» as well as on the «Irkut-10» when taking pictures due to insufficient bandwidth capabilities of radio channels in real images are late.
Because together with the camera and set the camera to the TV transmission of the image (photo) in real time «- said the representative of the CMO.

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