Is it possible to abandon the survey during bypass apartment?

"Formally, let into his apartment police officer citizen must only for certain proceedings. Like search, seizure, if there is a sanction, respectively. Also in cases when verifying the passport regime.
In all other cases it is the citizen’s right — start or not to start, read or not read. In this case, if a worker comes to you and asks, where he was in such and such a time, we must realize that it’s just poll. This is not an interrogation, a person does not pass as a witness, has no other procedural status. And so may abandon the survey, it may even tell a lie, if it considers it necessary — any responsibility for it is not provided.
Requests certain civilian duty of cooperation with the authorities who are investigating these complex and unsafe for public affairs, but I note that the implementation of such civilian debt directly depends on the credibility of the law enforcement authorities. A trust or not trust — everyone decides for himself. Unfortunately, our bodies give many reason to not trust them. "

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