Is there a problem in Belarus counterfeit pharmaceuticals?

Is it possible to buy a fake in Belarus, whether in the country resounding scandals exposing counterfeit medicines?
1st Deputy Minister of Health Robert Chasnoit spring internationally sympoziyume "Economics in health", said that over the past three years have been recorded or the 1st option turnover falsification pharmaceuticals. Chief of drug inspection and pharmaceutical organizations provide the Ministry of Health Lyudmila Reutskaya explains:
"We have direct contracts or from the manufacturer, or its authorized distributor. Such a rule we have been operating for many years. Though any other import just not consistent, no other circuits not. If luck is something from the manufacturer, he is not interested in any forgery were from him. This is one of the main parts, why Belarus has no counterfeit pharmaceuticals. "
Sale of pharmaceuticals across the web is prohibited
Belarus does not have any online pharmacies banned the sale of pharmaceuticals through personal ads in newspapers, assured Lyudmila Reutskaya:
"There is a provision of the law: the implementation of pharmaceuticals is carried out exclusively in pharmacies. Pharmacy — a set of premises and equipment. In other words, outdoor pharmacies sell any medicine. "
Belarus has preserved municipal pharmacy chain, wholesale carried 14 large municipalities and 133 non-pharmaceutical warehouse. Deputy director of a large metropolitan pharmacies Mrs. Julia convinced:
"We have a Russian forgery. Belarus is excluded. Bureaucracy Since we have a very well developed. There are so many papers to collect necessary since all carefully checked that no fakes. Mismatch properties — yes, it happens, immediately responds to a series of pharmaceutical warehouse. write off this product and shipping. "
The pharmacy to buy a fake unrealistic
Representative of a large British companies farmakalyagichnyh Mrs. Anna says:
"Enter smuggling almost unreal. As for our company, we have three dealers who supply drugs, and others simply can not enter. These paths are tested, particularly from drug manufacturers are moving here. Second point — Unitary Enterprise" Pharmacy " have control and analytical laboratories. And no matter which party pharmaceuticals, wherever it came — the municipal pharmacies, commercial network — it passes control and analytical laboratory. workaround is impossible. Buy fake unreal. Maybe somewhere that- then detained, but it does not reach to buyers. "
In 2007 the company lost 21 licenses: who forever who temporarily
If you found a fake laboratory, she should tell law enforcement authorities, and "falshyvatabletchykav" Starts a criminal case. Control over firms that are engaged in the supply of pharmaceuticals, tough enough — to deprivation of licenses, says head of the Ministry Lyudmila Reutskaya:
"Constantly we conduct checks, and, of course, there are such cases. Many such cases — in the past year, more than 10 cases of deprivation of licenses. For violation of license requirements we have very strict legislation. If flagrant violation — College immediately perceives the decision to revoke the license. "
In 2007, 12 organizations are deprived of licenses, 5 lacks the ability to work with medicines containing narcotic substances, the effect of 4 licenses suspended.
Sonorous cases related to drugs

As for the loud cases involving drugs — in 2002 there was a scandal with Belarus miramistynam, dezynfikatsyynym substance that produced enterprise "Belmedpreparaty". Vitebsk found craftsmen who organized in the bathroom "domestic production" rigged miramistynu, forged certificates. Pirates exposed. After, as the tribunal has pronounced — the head of 14 years imprisonment, a companion for 12 years — resounding cases were not.
And in 2004 in Latvia was a resounding scandal, when 24 people were injured after the adoption of the "Askafen" produced by the company "Belmedpreparaty." Then the Ministry of Health of Latvia withdrew from the implementation of all the pills in pharmacies in Belarus.
Belarus — country of manufacture "generic"?
Are the drugs manufactured in Belarus international standards? Why strongly enough Belarusian pharmaceuticals are exported? Clarification Ludmila Reutskaya:
"We did not find GMP — system of property. Only the first steps of implementation of this system. They have other certificates properties, but they do not give the right to withdraw our companies to international markets. But a failure of all the CIS states, the entire post-Soviet space is so arranged. Just had a little different standard, a different approach to the drug industry. "
While manufacturing sites certified 4 3 drug companies in Belarus. GMP certification is planned to finish by 2010. Next step — recognition of the Belarusian international GMP certificate. Meanwhile, Belarus in the drug world is more commonly known as the country of manufacture "generic" — more than a cheap analogues unique pharmaceuticals.
At times, exposing cases of falsification of pharmaceuticals happen in Russia. So, last year in Russia seized 41 items from drugstores counterfeit pharmaceuticals. Most of them — local, others are from Poland, India and China. In most cases in Russia met counterfeit drugs — biseptol, levamitsytyn, tserazalin, klyafaran; forged also spazmalgetyk Nospanum; cardiovascular product amez. Tags: drugs, forgery, Belarus, generics

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