Israel again proposes to abolish visa fees for Belarusians

"We were surprised to hear from the head of the consular department of the Foreign Ministry of Belarus sovereign Andrei Giro during an online conference with learned May 29 that the Israeli side expressed readiness to ponder Belarusian draft agreement on issuing free visas to several categories of people and did not offer any of its own version of the agreement, "- said in the announcement ambacady Israel. Embassy again explained to that Israel has no experience of liberation from the visa fee for age-related aspects. But the main thing — Israel reiterates its proposal to simplify the situation dramatically anddo visa free.
"I wish to emphasize that Israel is interested in easing the visa regime — and Belarusian people, and, of course, taking care of the interests of their own people, "- said in an interview with Israel Freedom salting Countries in Belarus Zeev Ben Arie. — After a visa to Belarus is not very accessible. I think that this proposal or another no matter what that may be born in subsequent discussions should go to benefit the people of both countries. "
Salting recalled that Russia Israel reached the agreement on termination of visas in general, and admitted that while consular negotiations underway between the countries "slowly and with some misunderstanding."
"There were several meetings, we gave some answers. Later Belarusian side long enough period of seemingly disappeared and appeared virtually the same proposal. And we again gave the same answer. Belarusian side as read Sovereign Giro, believes that we should not answer. Indeed, unfortunately, there is a misunderstanding — and we really think that it can be eliminated by consular contacts and consultations between our ministries specifically Foreign Affairs "- Said salting.
As explained to us at the Embassy of Israel, the Israeli visa for at least some period worth 17 bucks. Visa to Belarus for the Israeli people are 60 bucks (tourist) to $ 500 (reusable business) — on the website of the Belarusian embassy in Israel.

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