It is necessary that the elections for failing allowed indefinite detention

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"Suboch, Vinogradov, Dashuk — our Kastus Kalinowski. Belarusians will fight for their rights, for justice, for freedom "- sms such content we received from Alexander of Ushacha. This listener reaction to the verdict in the criminal case, which is dubbed the" business of 14 years. "Young men accused of violating public order during a protest on January 10 and businessmen punished restriction of liberty without sending them to penitentiary. Call this topic:
Lady: "I shameful that I live in a country where young people are judged, which must be proud. Shame such power! Hold on, guys! Long live Belarus!"
Sovereign Rybakov: "I heard about the verdict and young people wish to express their worldview.’s Pinned on his shoulder fake AK-74 and go through Minsk. Nobody suit and asks where this machine — can and need. And take the flag State and pass in Minsk, immediately decide that you are in a very bin Laden and talking about the atomic weapon. Here we have such legislation. necessary in the House of Representatives shall make suggestions to the polls for failing allowed indefinite detention. Everyone does not go to jail. But if everyone will come, Maybe that will change in nibudt this country . "
Man: "I want to thank my mother and Andrei Kim himself for the fact that they are decent, lovely people. And God forbid that such mothers and sons in us was possible more. I also wish to thank those Malady that fight and go to jail for the revival of their own homeland. "
Man: "Medvedev is 20 days as president, says about freedom, why he did not release the 19" political, "which was put under Putin? Also like the U.S. — would impose a taboo on Lukashenko and for political prisoners. Looks like the three of them shoes one leg. "
"Pochetaemaya" Freedom. "Explain, please, what is different from the IMF Global Bank. Which functions do they do?" — Asks the listener "Freedom" in the SMS message. It corresponds to the policies and international economist Alexei Yanukevich:
"International monetary fund before it was created for the development of international trade and support to stabilize the global monetary system. Though he also specializes in lending to states that develop. A Global Bank was created much later just to combat poverty and poverty. To support those countries that are developing. "
On the economic theme and follow-up question:
Man: "Why do not you Comment out what products are exported 200 million less than the imported? Since Lukashenko printed funds, we have such supplies bucks? Covered As this difference of 200 million, it would be interesting to find out from your economists."
The question is responsible politician and economist Yaroslav Romanchuk
"Trade balance for four months this year negative about 250-300 million dollars. But this does not mean in Belarus print bucks. This can make the price of investment credits, which is done by our banks and our businesses. This threatens only that very rapidly grow our debts. And if nothing is done to the structure of the economy, then in 2-3 years or must be lower our rate of the Belarusian ruble, or will have to give more funds to compensate debts. "

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