Ivan Shyla

June 3 This year Ivan Shyla totally unfounded and was illegally expelled from school the other day, the final exam.
17-year-old Ivan Shyla — ordinary child, lives with his parents and brother in an ordinary one-room apartment. Loves history. Like other peers indifferent to football, interested Web, MTV looks. Ancestors — the usual representatives of the technical intelligentsia. Mom Svetlana works as an engineer in the design institute. Father Vladimir engaged in business in the construction sector. Ilya is the younger brother of junior team captain of FC "Shakhtar".
Ivanov’s father is a permanent participant of shares and opposition rallies since the early 90’s. Ivan himself faced with political activism had another presidential elections 2001.
Presidential Campaign 2006 was a turning point in the life of Ivan. Familiarity with "Junior Front"Dashkevich with the role in the first days of solidarity pickets in support Milinkevich first arrest calls to the school principal, KGB interrogations and, in the end, size. 5 days in a tent city together with his father and brother. 10 days arrest for a father and a new period of struggle for the offspring …
On account of Ivan — 10’s detention and administrative reports, a lot of conversations with the school administration, questioning the prosecutor’s office and the KGB. All this — in 10 matches and shares pickets vserasprostranennyh thousands of leaflets and newspapers.

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