James Bond watch sold for $ 160,000!

June 26, the auction house Christie `s Breitling watches have been sold with a Geiger counter, who wore a James Bond film" Thunderball "(1965). The lot was estimated at 160 thousand dollars. 

According to the plot of the film, Bond watches were equipped with a Geiger counter, with their help, he determined the level of radiation to establish presence of atomic bombs.

If the clock that had similar properties only in the film were evaluated in the same amount, how much can cost real watch, truly equipped with a Geiger counter, clock, which used real special services for this special operations?

During the Cold War as part of secret government projects Petrodvorets watch factory produces watches with a Geiger counter. This clock is used by departmental structures to perform specific operations, similar to the 007 jobs.

The issue was very limited and is currently known about the existence of a single instance that is in the museum watch factory "Rocket". Release dates back to 1954 hours a year.

Russian Rocket Clock

Where to buy a watch Rocket


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