Judged protesters in friendly

The Tribunal began in mon, but Sergei Soldatenko not even know were the essence of the charges because the meeting was postponed to this day. But the emperor Soldatenko all the same does not believe in the fairness of the trial:
"Likely sentence already imposed. After all, we already had a few of these cases and people were fined. "
Indeed, previously were punished with fines of two teachers amicably Anastasia and Tatiana Popova Dylkovoy twice been fined inhabitant Svislochi Sergei Obrazovsky. And at the moment local people collect the funds to pay, says activist active group Lena Butkovskaya:
"Organizations easier to raise funds. In some even on the same day, when I was a tribunal significant amounts collected. But pensioners, elderly people, they say that we can not assist anything, so at least the entrances go, raised funds. Not the fact that they will collect the necessary sum, but all the same people in solidarity. "
Now activists active group against the construction of a plant to ask for a public meeting on the review of the village council deputies Alexander Katseni and Vitaly Chumatchenko.
"We believe, of course, that we do not give permission for this meeting, but then they would give us a base for the next act — says one of the initiators of the recall of deputies Sergei Obrazovsky. — We are ready for a one-day strike, and spend the following week rally — regardless from the fact that he does not permit. "
Pickets in support of the inhabitants of the village everybody who planned to carry out entrepreneurial movement activists in Borisov and Soligorsk Zhodino are prohibited. Oh, so this is one of the applicants commented Borisov Viktor Gorbachev:
"Today everybody, tomorrow Borisov Borisov tomorrow, and the day after Zhodino. If we do not inform society what’s happening in this tap is this problem come to us and we do not even notice how close build processing plant pesticides, and people will be silent. "
According to Gorbachev, local authorities not even explained to background ban picket and therefore applicants will apply to the tribunal.
Construction of a plant for the production of pesticides begins Russian private company "Bel-August." Protesting against the construction of the plant inhabitants amicably Svislochi, Rudensk, Ducor and other settlements. They treated the objections to the Constitutional Tribunal, the Prosecutor’s Office, the government and Alexander Lukashenko. At the moment, people are collecting signatures under an appeal to the UN and the OSCE.

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