July: lackey or eagles?

I’m on of net, not to say licked, Lipen town square. By catchy facade of the village council, concrete tile sidewalk and joyful colors fences shows that in July came a new day. Whose name is "agro". But exemplary picture not quite fit the Palace of Culture. Brick house, on a hill in front of a huge public garden that was once the fairgrounds. The club guessed desecrated church. Stelmashonok Tatiana, 80-year-old Independence starazhylka lives just in front of the former church. Stooped old woman sadly looks at the reality around the rosy. And believes that without the church — not life.

Tatiana: "Church is not. A necessary that was. Church there, yonder far, some small halupachka. Where was the church in the square at us. Were married here, and all the world."
Reporter: "Do you remember her?"
Tatiana: "to make the club. Removed crosses. Some Ivan was. People cursed him, so he died. Forced him to shoot these crosses. It was long."
Reporter: "In the thirties?"
Tatiana: "Yes."
Reporter: "And before July was called …"
Tatiana: "lackeys. If the pan was still here. Hired workers. Were toadies at Pan. Well, Pan was not, you did Lipen. Lipen village. And now wish to make some agro."
Reporter: "A village adjacent abzyvalisya not you?"
Tatiana: "No, the people here are great. And good chairman. Means not let go. What she is able to do?"
So. By 1920, which was held in July, the Red Army coming to the Poles, the town had the humiliating title. According to legend, during the days of serfdom secured pan evicted on a deserted saves Svislochi three peasant families in order to serve the master’s guests. The place where they lined up, people began to call for their proud temper Falcon Kut. But Pan ordered under penalty call horror settlement lackeys.
But what struck me, even this offensive title inhabitants have changed beyond recognition. Here is another pensioner, born in July, bring me that there was no toady.
Reporter: "Previously, the village was called" lackeys? "

Ancient ‘Hall. Halls. Someone already quite padtaptav feet. "
Vitali’s oldest lipenets Brodsky, 90-year-old, white-haired hunk, very similar to the artist Gert Zenobia, explains to me where this "Hall".
Vitaly: "lackey" — that Polish pressure put on the first syllable. "Kholui." Person is depressed. "
Reporter: "And it did not affect the disposition lipentsav — such a title?"
Vitaly: "Nothing. So people are used to." Where are you going? "-" The lounge "." Where have you been? "-" The lounge ". Later renamed. After the October Revolution."
Fit, in plaid pants, graying society lion Brodsky — real Belarusian mestachkovets. Scion 2-nations. Follow as Brodsky goes on shtetl street — aesthetic pleasure. Every movement — the dignity of the owner and immediately wisest Jewish pachtsivasts. Orphaned as our towns treatment such "Mohicans"! No way that would not put the emperor Vitaly 90 years.

Reporter: "How do you manage to keep such a form? You look at 70 with a little. "
Vitaly: "Nothing, just for me. Participated in chess. During any competition. Crosswords and compose. Over 100 crosswords made."
All his life the emperor Brodsky taught kids in the July school science clear. But the thirst memories chasing July educator throughout the former Soviet Union.
Vitaly: "In place of death was Pushkin and Lermontov. Was in Tbilisi. Georgia. Griboyedov visited there. Well, in a word, spend money like it was."
Climbed Brodsky and polar ring.
Vitaly: "Tynda nothing. Hilly place. Even mushrooms growing on the rocks."
Reporter: "And that you drove in Tynda already?"
Vitaly: "Well, read that the full eclipse will be visible only in Tynda. Grandson wanted to show it. Continue slightly. Well and went."
Reporter: "Have you been abroad?"
Vitaly: "How, in Germany."
Reporter: "It’s what?"
Vitaly: "40 fourth, 40 fifth."
His replacement Belarusian eternal city is not much clear agro. The entire tradition which seems that is concrete and similar plitachtsy boards. Chairman of the village council July Tsyahnuk Hope — a passionate fan of the agro-town as the newest social phenomenon.
Hope: "We are for this time opened two kindergartens. Even places not enough. "
Reporter: "What is that? You demography okay? "
Hope, "at least, pah-pah-pah. If council areas lived a year earlier in 1643, the This year 1650! There is someone living there who work. And like any states and reasonable approach president. What started building agricultural towns. "
Reporter: "That’s a plus?"
Hope: "It’s a big plus. Roads are made. Look, House of Culture. There perfectly inside. Our ambulyatoryya, school. Everything is done, just works. In remote villages who remain? Only the elderly. A young leaves in the huge campus. All try something -where in the center. And in the center of what? School we amazing. Kindergarten is. "Belarusbank" is, there is a pharmacy, ambulyatoryya there. Odontology. For the latest equipment we have set. It really is there. "
One can agree Madam Chair. If not agragaradkovae housing, youth hold here would be very problematic. But let’s talk with the happy owner of a new house, electrician Victor. For some reason all of these houses are built on the most awkward and unfit for dwelling places. Do not bog. In the yard and Victor on the street near the house worth primordial puddle. To enter the house, you need to jump over bumps. A house 100 6000000.

Reporter: "Are you happy?"
Victor: "multivalued question. If nothing and gave it, then good. And if you give 106 million for the house … I believe that over 106 million could and driveways do and charges "
Victor invited into the house.
Victor: "saves all. Plumbing is the most affordable. Waters was not the year for us. Dali water began to break taps. Gender did the guys from harsh organizations. Walls made" chemists. "For if we take the little things, then the entire team shot four times in the equal ground. "
Reporter: "But it is given gratuitously."
Victor: "Ein, zwei, Polizei. Gratis — when it gave and gave. This housing official. It I put my money time, their job. "
Reporter: "It is in principle for you to ever depart the property or not?"
Victor: "These are the principles while not invented Belarusian physicists. "
So what is more? Toadies or Falconry Kuta? Shop around, men drink beer and talk for life. Neither gaze nor poses nothing Holuiskya. But the flight of thoughts really Falcon. Emperor "tipsy" fifties hit your faithful servant glyabalnastsyu own thinking.
Man: "At the moment, land take, though f *** eat. Some work. A white race will die, and take advantage of yellowish. Agrotown — do it visibility. Came journalist Ivanov, Petrov from Russia See how we had b *** live. In Russia, Putin Rasputin, although they oligarchs b *** team. They robbed people. Which hunger strike. dies Why this race? Now the Chinese have flooded all to the Urals. Suppose they loaf, who at their will work. You understand how to translate the Gulag? "
Reporter: "Main Di
rectorate of Camps".
Man: "reduce a Gasudarstvam Lukashenko Alexander G."
I confess that this transcript known abbreviations, I heard for the first time. When years later the question arises about the return of the historic July here, no lackeys can not be. Only Falcon Kut.

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